Bilawal Bhutto Zardari; the PPP’s upcoming candidate for premiership

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So what’s so bad Bilawal Zardari is taken to every important international meeting by his father? Why people are jealous if he gets an opportunity to shake hands with Prime Ministers of this world? Please realize that his dear father has to make sure that this young and inexperienced boy who was brought-up in European culture knows at least few tricks of the trade before joining the main stream politics.


Chaudhry Nisar sahib has been particularly critical of Father taking care of his son. Earlier this year, he said that” Bilawal is a kid and Pakistan is presented to him as a Kingdom”. But Bhutto family has always considered it this way and Pakistani voter has been electing them again and again. Chaudhry Sahib needs to realizing that Sharif’s also took very good care of their kids, didn’t they?


PPP leadership is heavily centralized towards one person. Party is passing through a challenging phase and apparently behind the back a number of senior stalwarts are unhappy with President Sahib’s style of leadership. Perhaps he also realizes this fact and now seriously thinking to bring Bilawal in the limelight. He perhaps thinks that Bilawal will be able to win the hearts of PPP worker as well as senior politicians. After all he will start his career in politics with a clean sheet! Having said this, his feudal attitude might cause issues with senior politicians who would expect him to extend some respect to seniors!


Another major issue is Bilawal’s language skills. His living in the UK and education at Oxford has given him an excellent educational background (which obviously his father lacks!), but at the same time, he is cutoff from Pakistan. His vision as a political leader will take a long time to get matured. Moreover lack of language skills will also not help in getting connected with PPP workers at the grass-root level.


Again getting back to my point of what is wrong if he is getting training from his father by negating all the norms of international practices? We must realize that although there have been no elections within political parties (and I am not counting PTI because the party is not in parliament yet), PPP is considered as the most democracy friendly party, or at least projected this way! And also we are told time and again that democracy is weak in Pakistan and non-democratic forces are trying hard to hurt whatever democracy we are left with, father has to protect the interest of this family and in his family only one person is slightly capable to swiftly become the next PM, and provide him massive support and mentoring.


Can someone teach me the exact meanings of democracy please?

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  1. Rehman Malik

    Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

    But in Pakistan the meaning is totally change which is “Kaal bi bhutto Zinda taa Aaj bi bhutto zinda hai” I hope you understand my point.

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