MCB, One of Many Banks that Continue to Break all Ethics and Morals of Business

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Proper customer service is something that many businesses in Pakistan have just failed to realize is a major factor in building and retaining a strong and dedicated consumer base, especially our banking sector.


Not only are they known to hire gangsters when in the need to recover loans instead of opting for the proper, legal procedure just to save money and time, but they also continue to fraud loyal customers each and every single day.


MCB, Pakistan’s renowned bank run by the country’s biggest businessman, Mian Mansha, is unfortunately not any different from those most people despise using but do so out of sheer lack of options.


In a recent incident, with whom we will call Adnan Riaz, MCB has taken over three months to cancel his credit card despite numerous attempts of requesting to do so along with continuing to mount late fees, annual fees and cutting it out of his bank account on a monthly basis.


When applying for the credit card, Mr. Adnan was promised by his branch’s credit card representative that he will be getting a credit limit of two to three times the amount of his monthly salary, but instead, it was barely half of that. Disappointed after receiving it, Mr. Adnan called the representative and demanded it to be cancelled right at that moment without even taking the card out, but little did he know that this would not be the end of it.


Dealing with a bank, not only in Pakistan but sadly, anywhere in the world, it is not the easiest thing to do and Adnan had to learn that the hard way. Numerous fees, late additions and constantly being bugged by representatives are just some ways that banks eventually lose their customers without knowing it. Maintaining a good relationship with a bank, especially MCB has no benefit at any point, short term or long, which is something Mr. Adnan had to realize after two years of banking with them.


His card was issued in September, but Adnan is still facing the same problem over three months later and he is definitely one of no one knows how many millions of other sufferers that have to go through torture just to get a simple request followed or shown some fruit for their loyalty.


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2 Comments for “MCB, One of Many Banks that Continue to Break all Ethics and Morals of Business”

  1. Moral ethics is very important because if you have this people will respect you and at the same time you are also respecting them. Knowing what is right from wrong is very vital.

  2. I’ve had a similar experience with MCB, and agree that they have little “care” for customers. On two occassions my credit card repayments made by cheque to their drop box were mysteriously lost. MCB claims never to have recieved either cheque, and of course, I was left with late payment charges and over 30% interest on my outstanding amount. On one occassion, I visited their local clearing centre where one of the managers actually admitted that “sometimes” instruments get misplaced or damaged … I’m sure MCB will only learn the hard way

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