Imran Farooq murder case: Scotland Yard raids at business centre in London

Friday, December 7th, 2012 12:36:55 by

In quite an important development in Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder case, the London police raided at a business center and carried out a search operation in an office.


According to private TV channels, the UK police conducted a search of an office on Edgware road and also carried out interrogation but no arrests were made.


Some media reports claim that the raid was carried out at MQM’s office but no official version came out in this regard. Quoting London Metropolitan Police, BBC Urdu reported that the raid was carried out at the MQM’s office.


The police officials said that they were committed to unearthing the murderers of Dr. Imran Farooq. A police team tasked with the arrest of the assassins of Dr. Farooq is constantly at work, they added.


Farooq was murdered on 16 September 2010 in London. The authorities had launched an investigation and had also arrested a suspect who was released later for lack of evidence.


Farooq had co-founded the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation (APMSO), the parent organisation of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, with Altaf Hussain. He was deputy convener of the party, technically next in line to the MQM chief.


But he was believed to have left the party in 2009 after developing differences over organisational matters.


However, police claimed that the slain high-profile leader attempted to actively participate in politics by pursuing his political career independently might have led to his murder. Dr Farooq made a profile on a social media site which could help foster his political career, two months prior to his murder, police said.


Police in London are still hunting an attacker who, one witness said, appeared to be an Asian man.

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6 Comments for “Imran Farooq murder case: Scotland Yard raids at business centre in London”

  1. M S Sheikh

    Raid after two years!
    One paper says an office raided. Here it is MQM office.
    Is it not a bit late? They say first 24 hours after the crime are most important. Perhaps Scotland Yard misread it as 24 months.

  2. M Chaudhry

    Well done for pointing out that this was an MQM office, other new outlets have only stated a that a business was raided. Paakistani journalists need be brave and print the truth and direct people towards the truth.

  3. Muhammad Iqbal

    Pakistan Media is coward and they never bring the truth out against MQM, they claim to be FREE MEDIA now but infact they are hostage in hands of MQM. If they utter a word against MQM then they know the results of that… killing..while going home after reading out the news.

  4. ashfaq

    Yes Raid after two years!!!!

    ScotLand Yard have solved a murder mystery case after 35 years so be patient….
    They will definitely bring the ugliest face of cheif planner of this murderer, who is sitting in london….

  5. qaisar

    our media knows the result if they utter a single word against MQM as in past AAJ tv faced.when MQM killer is involved they always say and write he have relationship with political party never pointed our the party.on other hand they always hit every party of pakistan.shame on such media

  6. Jehan Zeb

    The Pakistani media is so scared from the MQM that they could not afford to report that the MQM offices were raided rather decided to say a busniness address. what a shame

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