Are Syria’s Chemical Weapons Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Saturday, December 8th, 2012 5:18:52 by

Talks about an unnamed US official saying that America has knowledge and evidence of chemical weapons being loaded by Syria’s regime in order to take out rebels across the country are going around nowadays and have gained a lot of attention in international communities.


Whether that statement is true or not is yet to be found out, but pondering on what that unidentified US official said really brings back memories of when former US President George W. Bush took military action against Iraq due to ‘evidence’ of Saddam Hussain developing and harnessing weapons of mass destruction.


Those claims never turned out to be true and it all played out wonderfully just the way America wanted it to without the international community and the all mighty ‘United Nations’ burying the topic in history forever. Iraq was a complete mess and the US operation there has turned out to be an even bigger failure. With over 10 years gone now, Saddam Hussain is no more and Iraq continues to struggle at the hands of external powers that just do not seem to want to let it go.


When such claims are made, it is the responsibility of the United Nations to foresee that they are true and whatever evidence anyone claims to have should be made public for all to see. Even though the Syrian regime has definitely crossed many limits, they should be allowed to handle their own affairs internally, because even though some might not want to believe it, Syria’s President Basah al-Assad still does have support from the people, just like Qadafi of Libya did; but that side of the story is never highlighted, anywhere.


The Americans are getting personal now in their threats to the incumbent Syrian government as US secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it quite clear that they would get involved if that ‘red line’ was to be crossed. Of course, if Syria actually does use those so called chemical weapon against their own people, international intervention would be the need of the moment, but using it as a reason just to invade and start a new era of pointless fighting would eventually bring the US to its knees like in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The chemical weapon, which America claims to have substantial evidence of, is well known and has been used in the past in various terrorist activities like the ones in Japan back in the 1990s. It acts as a nerve agent, causing convulsions, respiratory failure and ultimately death. Even though Syrian officials have claimed many a times that they would never think of using such inhumane methods to gain ground in the war torn country, but the West insists that they have some of the biggest stocks in the Middle East, and that coming from defense analysts that so staunchly supported Iraq’s stockpile of weapons which could potentially lead to widespread Armageddon.


Supporting rebels to go against their own country has been an old American tactic that continues to separate and divide the Middle East, but unfortunately, it is still a picture that is blurry to many superpowers around the globe. America did not see the cruelty taking place in Gaza as Israel bombarded hospitals and homes in the strip, killing scores of innocent people while continuing to take over territory before calling a ceremonial ceasefire. America is dying from within when it comes to its financial situation and preparing to go deeper into war, now against Syria and also Iran on the other end, it seems like the United States is nailing its own coffin shut.


America forgets to take notice of the situation in Kashmir as India pounds away by using military force to silence the voices of those wanting to either separate or become part of Pakistan. It fails to see that they only suffered once back on September 11th, 2001, while other nations pay for their war crimes and get told to ‘do more’.


The United States has to stop playing this double faced game as it has gotten to the point of no return and going any further will eventually result in its own destruction and maybe another major world war, but this time, there will be no happy ending for the ‘most powerful nation on Earth’.


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