Zardari prefers Bilalwal’s politics not Benazir murder’s probe

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People were expecting President Asif Ali Zardari will fulfill his promise to reveal names of those who killed his spouse, Benazir Bhutto, at her 5th death anniversary on Thursday.


President Zardari had previously claimed that he knows the characters behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.  Thousands of PPP sympathizers outside the mausoleum of Bhuttos in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh and many others in the country were disappointed when nothing was said about the perpetrators.


Claims by Interior Minister Rehman Malik that he would reveal the names of the killers of former premier Benazir Bhutto and other little-known details of her 2007 assassination at her death anniversary, was also proved to be a just media trick he has been playing for years.


Malik reportedly made the claim while addressing workers of the Pakistan Peoples Party at Chitral.


All major newspapers and TV channels had reported Malik’s remarks in Chital but later he clarified on Twitter that he had not made any such assertions. However in another post, Malik wrote: “I stated more facts about (Bhutto’s) case will be revealed on 27th of Dec”.


But even then he did not say a single world about what he had tweeted and the minister only focused on the Taliban conditional truce offer when he spoke to reporters in Sukkur.


It is widely believed in Pakistan that the PPP leaders only use the name of Benazir Bhutto for political mileage and are mysterious tight lipped over the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto, who ruled Pakistan two times and was the first woman Prime Minister in a Muslim country.


The PPP is completing its five-year term in few months and no one knows what will be the outcome of the investigation of Benazir’s case. The question is unanswered as to why the PPP regime, despite having its President, Prime Minister, cabinet and investigation agencies, failed to complete the investigation process.

Pakistan is facing another dilemma of the ‘NATIONAL INTEREST” as this terminology is always used when mystery shrouds many important events. This blunder must end now and let the people of Pakistan know who have done what?


President Zardari avoided to expose those who had masterminded of the killing of Benazir but he was proud of his Oxford-educated son, Bilawal Bhutto, after he spoke to thousands of PPP supporters at the BB’s 5th death anniversary.

Senior journalists, TV anchors and columnists, majority of whom visited Garhi Khuda bakhsh on government’s expenses,  hailed Bilawal’s speech but it also evoked criticism as he did not touch problems of the general public.


Bilawal, as now a tradition in Pakistan, lashed out at the Chief Justice and the judiciary for taking up the issues of the public interests and genuine problems.


Pakistanis are the most unfortunate nation as their rulers now do not consider it their duty to address to the solution of their problems and when the court take notice or someone approach the judiciary then the rulers and their cronies start condemning the judges.


As a young and foreign-educated, Bilawal’s launching his political career is a welcoming step for Pakistan but the question is how will he succeed to improve the image of the PPP and its leaders who have been badly damaged by many corruption cases.


Bilawal must read all reports by credible international institutions about the corrupt practices of his PPP’s government to win the support of the people of Pakistan. He must also be aware of those PPP leaders who will now surrounding his for party tickets, positions and other privileges. Please be honest to this nation as they are fast loosing patience.

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