MQM attempting to Avoid Delimination by Supporting Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Long March

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With Pakistan gearing up for its first transition of democracy in its 60-plus years of being an independent country, the nation which yearns for peace and security is facing another problem just months before general elections are to be carried out.


Living abroad for the past four and a half years, the self proclaimed ‘Shiekh-ul-Islam’ Allama Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has made a comeback into Pakistan and is claiming to be the messiah for Pakistanis and has set January 14 as the date for a long march to the nation’s capital.


Seeing how this controversial personality has suddenly become the savior for the masses amongst a certain group of devotees is one thing, but seeing how the MQM has begun favoring the maulana in such a major way definitely raises a lot of questions.


With the Supreme Court of Pakistan taking drastic steps hand-in-hand with the Election Commission to rid Pakistan’s economic hub and largest city, Karachi, of fake votes and violence by ensuring free and transparent elections, the MQM seems to be the only political party that has a problem with that.


They have now begun preparing to take part in the long march against the Federal Government, surprisingly while being a part of the coalition government with sitting members in the treasury and ministries. It definitely seems as if Altaf Hussain is trying his best to stop the elimination of fake votes registered throughout the city, which has certainly been a factor for their sweeping victories in the past. The Election Commission has been assured of support of the Armed Forces in this regard, making the situation all that interesting.


Business is suffering after the stock exchange new record highs just recently and is now going downhill yet again due to their being much uncertainty due to Tahir-ul-Qadri’s illogical long march. The Sheikh-ul-Islam wants to rid the country of corruption and misuse of funds in elections, while spending more than Rs. 30 crore on a single public meeting in Lahore to mark his return back to Pakistan.


It is still yet to be seen who is funding the Shiekh and why he decided to return to Pakistan all of a sudden along with wanting to be a knight in shining armor for the nation with intentions to bring down a democratically elected setup and breaking the country’s constitution. His agenda is still unclear and for Pakistan, this definitely may be a problem which could hurt the strengthening of democratic institutions and future elections.

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2 Comments for “MQM attempting to Avoid Delimination by Supporting Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Long March”

  1. Hafsa Dany

    @Syed Hassan Bokhari i think you should get your facts straight before you make any attempt at being a journalist. Tahir ul Qadri is not a ‘self proclaimed’ Shaykh ul Islam. He was honoured with this title by the Ulema of Al-Azhar.
    If you’re still unsure about his agenda then I suggest you watch the numerous interviews he’s given to the independant Pakistani Media.
    Please read around before putting pen to paper.

  2. Syed Hassan Bokhari

    Yea, you might be right about the title, but what about all the other statements I made about him. You see, being a Canadian national is not something I am against, but being away for over four years and deciding to come back all of a sudden, spending crores and crores of rupees to advertise his return to Pakistan is just something that is entirely illogical. What does he expect from launching a long march?

    Why doesn’t he just wait a few months, contest the elections and prove whether he is truly as accepted by the people as he claims he is. He might win a National Assembly seat like he did with the support of Pervez Musharraf back then, but other than that, even you and I know that there is no future for this man that once claimed Nawaz Shareef attacked him and it turned out that he just had goat blood all over him. All he talks about is how the system should be and not how he can make it better because he obviously doesn’t know how.

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