Canadian authorities summon Tahirul Qadri for violating oath

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Firebrand cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, who led a massive protest against the government in Islamabad, has been summoned by Canadian authorities to explain a violation of the oath he had taken while seeking asylum there, under which he had stated that he was not allowed to enter Pakistan.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that Qadri violated the oath stating that he was not allowed to enter the country he had sought asylum from.


According to a private TV channel, RCMP said that Qadri violated the oath stating that he was not allowed to enter the country he had sought asylum from.


The channel reported, Tahir ul Qadri under the name of Abdul Shakoor Qadri, had sought asylum from Canada in 2008, fearing threats to his life from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Sipah-e-Sahaba after he met with the Danish cartoonist responsible for making blasphemous caricatures of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Qadri, through his lawyer Mendel Green, had filed the request alongwith his son Hussain Mohiuddin. On October 17, 2009, his asylum application was accepted, while he was issued the Canadian passport about six months back.


The MQI chief has also been receiving welfare funds from the Canadian government, citing health issues.


Qadri, who led a 5-day long march in Islamabad which concluded on Thursday evening, is currently present in Pakistan. He is scheduled to fly back to Canada on January 27th along with his family.

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2 Comments for “Canadian authorities summon Tahirul Qadri for violating oath”

  1. m.h.khan

    At this time qadri shuld not leave Pakistan because in his absence agreed terms and conditions ofthe Islamabad declaration will not be implemented in later and spirits. Further he intends to go abroad on 27th on day he also arranged meeting of the lawyers in connection with election commission.

  2. I think 80% of the population of Pakistan believe in Tahir Ul Qadri and accept him as the greatest schollar of Pakistan. But if Qadri fleas away from Pakistan and do not take part in activ politics, he will never be believed in future. People of Pakistan during Long March sacrificed their every thing for the cause announced by Qadri but the agreement which executed between Qadri and the Govt, all that was stupid. No new thing. The section of the constitution was already known to all Pakistanis, nothing new from Qadri’s side has been included in the agreement. So it can, therefore, be said that he just waisted the time, money and energy of the people in such a way that the nation is feeling that Govt has succeeded to make fool of the Qadri’s participants.

    Most important fact which is required to be included in the Election Rules and Regulations has not been pointed out by any one since last 65 years, which I suggest here.

    1. It is understood that if 3 or 4 candidates are contesting in a constituancy and all the 3 or 4 are already tested as corrup/thief, the voter has to vote to any one of them and so any one declared as successful will positively a corrup/thief. It means that a voter has no right to elect himself. It is, therefore suggested that in the ballet paper (if there are 4 candidates) an additional blank column be printed. So that if all the candidates are corrupt in the eyes of the voters, the voters may stamp the blank column. Now at the time of counting the votes, if the blank stamped columns are more than any other in counting, all the 4 candidates must be declared as NON-ELECTED – they must not be allowed to take part in any election for 10 years. and in this constituancy election should be carried out again and new candidates be allowed to take part.

    2. A party which has no representation country wide, and gets few seats in National Assembly, mostly blackmail the Govt or the party which intends to establish Govt. In this way a minority is capable to blackmail the majority and gets the ministries and carries out corruption. It is, therefore, suggested that any party having no representation through out the country should not be allowed to take part in the National Assembly. However, such party, if takes part in its respective provincial Assembly, there is no problem.

    3. Every one will accept that if a man has been punished by any court of law he becomes inelegible for any Govt Service even he can not be enrolled as Peon. But sorry to mention that one who has been punished by the court for 6/8 years, becomes a Prime Ministe. It means, the Law is really blind or our Nation is blind as a whole. It is suggested that any one punished, or having got loan from any Bank, or found guilty in any case by any court of law of the country as well as by other countries’s courts, must not be allowed to take part in ELECTION.

    4. Any one having his property/wealth in abroad must not be allowed to take part in Election.

    5. In case any minister/or Politician fleas away from Pakistan, he must be brought back to Pakistan through Interpole and all his bank accounts and property in abroad be confuscated in the best interest of the nation.

    I hope that my these suggestions be brought to the knowledge of the Chief Election Commissioner as well as the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan for including in the Electroral System.


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