The clueless Facebook generation of Pakistan

Sunday, January 20th, 2013 11:38:26 by

The Facebook generation in Pakistan seems to have absolutely no idea about the real issues faced by the country.

Instead of identifying and discussing the real issues, they simply latch on to anything and everything that is newsworthy, with the sole motive of being the first one to share it on the social networking website and have their friends “like” the post.

It is mind-boggling to see this generation talk about a nail-biting match between Barcelona and Real Madrid one second, and instantly shift the discussion to some grim incident such as a bomb blast resulting in many casualties the next.

The grim news does not act as a punctuation, but is in fact is seemingly shared with the same intention as the football news and therefore is soon replaced by another attention-grabbing news such as a new single of Veena Malik.

The pseudo-intellectual Facebook generation believes that they are doing their part for the country by sitting and pointing out what is wrong in the society and government. Unfortunately, what they do not realise or discuss is what they themselves are contributing to it.

Underestimating the power for their vote and apparently having better things to do than become a part of protests that are taken out to ask for a change, these people keep on sitting on Facebook and serving as news casters and analysts.

All this is indeed a worrisome sign for the country as the Facebook generation is wasting its potential to make things change for the better.

Instead of updates comprising for news worthy content, they should do something themselves for the country that is news worthy.

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