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Political Risks Knocking out Stocks

Pakistan is currently going through a trying period as democracy is struggling against the opposition party. The current government, PML-N, was involved in a few incidents where the opposition believes that they stand wrong and should resign. On the other hand, PML-N is of the opinion that they have done nothing wrong and the opposition […]

Sami Ul Haq Leading Both Delegations in Taliban Peace Talks

It was recently reported from Islamabad that the peace talks between the Pakistani government and the outlawed organization, Tehreek E Taliban, have commenced. According to a spokesman, Maulana Sami Ul Haq has been leading both the delegations. The spokesman claimed that Maulana Sami Ul Haq wants a positive outcome from these talks and that is […]

Raja Zafarul Haq rejects India’s claim on Kashmir

Raja Zafarul Haq

The current ruling party in Pakistan, PML-N, has publicly rejected India’s claim on Kashmir. Raja Zafarul Haq stated that there is no need to submit a new resolution to the United Nations regarding Kashmir. He also stated that Kashmir is currently not important for India. While addressing the press he stated how voices in India […]

Imran Khan in for a huge disappointment due to his strong faith in the Pakistani youth

Imran Khan is the saviour that the troubled Pakistani nation has been waiting for since years. The chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf is promising to transform Pakistan into a “Naya Pakistan,” which is indeed an ambitious goal considering the resistance that he is bound to face. The politicians and bureaucrats that have been exploiting the current […]

The youth will save the day, or will it?

The youth of Pakistan has coming off as a tremendous force that is strongly advocating a change in the country. While it was only Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that had marked the youth as their primary vote bank, other political parties such as Muslim League (N) is also beginning to make an effort to attract the […]

A nation reluctant to dream and hope

A lot of people stand up and point a finger at Imran Khan and his potential as the future captain of Pakistan. This doubt in his capability is hardly backed by any concrete evidence that would prove him as someone similar to other politicians who promised to deliver the package of happiness. Still, people draw […]

The clueless Facebook generation of Pakistan


The Facebook generation in Pakistan seems to have absolutely no idea about the real issues faced by the country. Instead of identifying and discussing the real issues, they simply latch on to anything and everything that is newsworthy, with the sole motive of being the first one to share it on the social networking website […]

Why Mirza Aslam Beg Should Be Made an Example out of

Politicians have come and gone, ousted and exiled, punished and threatened and even killed and hanged, but for the first time in history, Pakistan is close to seeing, for the very first time in its short history as an independent country, that an army general will be held accountable for his crimes against this nation. […]

Chief Justice and Army Chief should be the ones Keeping out of Other Domains

Pakistan is probably the only place now where the Chief Justice and Army Chief make political statements whenever they deem it necessary to, which is exactly the reason why we have been forced to be living with a weakening system of government ever since independence.   Had the Army Chief been of the United States, […]

Dr. Shireen Mazari quits PTI, terming it to be hijacked by ‘Big Money’

Dr. Shireen Mazari quits PTI, terming it to be hijacked by ‘Big Money’ In a surprising turn of events, one of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) most colourful and devoted members, Dr. Shireen Mazari, resigned not only from her post of Central Vice President, but also from basic membership of the young political party “purely based on […]

President Asif Ali Zardari’s 4 years in office and its impact on Pakistan

President Asif Ali Zardari’s 4 years in office and its impact on Pakistan   By Syed Zahid Bokhari, Advocate   Pakistan has become so accustomed to government overthrows and martial law being imposed that from the first day the Pakistan People’s Party came into power, political pundits were certain of President Zardari’s ousting sooner or […]

Cast your vote if you want to bring change

In democracy, change comes through different ways and mostly with an evolutionary process where a trend is set by starting a clear voting process. In other words, democracy is the refection of the people’s desires. In most countries, elections attract enormous public attention and this is not surprising as these political exercises constitute the heart […]


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