A nation reluctant to dream and hope

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 7:37:28 by

A lot of people stand up and point a finger at Imran Khan and his potential as the future captain of Pakistan.

This doubt in his capability is hardly backed by any concrete evidence that would prove him as someone similar to other politicians who promised to deliver the package of happiness.

Still, people draw comparisons between him and the likes of seasoned politicians, with the latter enjoying more support of the very class that has been suppressed and tortured under their rule.

These poor people believe that the key to their happiness still lies in the government of people who have been given the throne quite a number of times already. Even though the promises these leaders made remained unfulfilled, the poor continue to hold a high regard for them and eye them as their saviour.

Imran Khan, on the other hand, is lambasted because of being in politics. Some say that he is not good enough to be in the game. Others believe that he will turn out to corrupt and worthless as well once he comes into power.

As mentioned before, these assumptions are based on fears. Somewhere deep inside their heart, the whole nation knows for a fact that Imran Khan is indeed a ray of hope in these dark times. However, since they have been shown a dream and then made to witness it shatter right before their eyes, they are reluctant to dream again. Instead of expecting something great, they are forcing themselves to expect the worst.

Little do these people realise that things can hardly get any worse than they already are. They need to remain positive and support the right man instead of getting scared of hoping. This country needs positivity and hope more than anything right now. They need to get up and support the change.

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