Chief Justice and Army Chief should be the ones Keeping out of Other Domains

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 2:53:38 by

Pakistan is probably the only place now where the Chief Justice and Army Chief make political statements whenever they deem it necessary to, which is exactly the reason why we have been forced to be living with a weakening system of government ever since independence.


Had the Army Chief been of the United States, it would not have taken long for President Barack Obama to have sacked him right at that moment, along with the Senate forcing him to undergo investigation. Same goes for the Chief Justice as well.


How clear does it have to be that interfering in the politics of their country is not the domain of either heads of their respective institutions, the constitution or any other ethical standard around the world does not allow it in any situation. That is the secret to the progress first world countries have made up until now.


The media plays a pivotal role in the progress in any nation and seeing how channels highlighted their statements continuously, hour after hour, and showed their remarks as a response to each other certainly showed how we still have a long way to go before becoming a successful democracy. Instead of condemning their acts, channels around Pakistan regarded their statements as ‘Breaking News’, and constantly covered the air space with various analysts coming on television to tell what they think these statements mean.


Pakistan is on the path to success as the country is gearing up for its first transition of democratic setups without a break in between and letting forces, who work against thing country’s interests, should be condemned and stopped at every stage. We, the people, have come too far to let everything slip out of hand now and letting some hands influence our thinking would be fatal to this nation.


Without a doubt, Pakistan faces a number of issues, but so do many countries around the world. It depends on how we tackle them and realize that the ones who benefit or lose in the end are the same people, us. All departments and institutions of the country should focus on doing what they are meant to do, and in this case, the judiciary handling the peoples grievances that knock on their court room doors and the army protecting the borders.


Only then, will we be able to progress and reach new heights, exploring the full potential this nation carries.

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1 Comment for “Chief Justice and Army Chief should be the ones Keeping out of Other Domains”

  1. sincere

    Unfortunately the corrupt & hypocrite rulers have also made the people corrupt & hypocrite to save them from their revenge. Generally the more a person is near to our politicians the more corrupt & hypocrite he will be. This cancer has spread in every part of our society. We are passing through an extreme corrupt & hypocrite judiciary systems, & this is the source of all our evils. Even the most high rank lawyers have become touts of judges & most of the lower judiciary are openly involved in corruption.
    The first & immediate & imperative action required was to eliminate corruption through the lower judiciary where common people come for the solution of their problems.
    Instead of doing this the CJ is touching the cases where he is diverting from his real task of enforcing justice in the lower judiciary & issuing daily statements more than any politicians. He is also openly favours Nawaz. All the actions of CJ are superficial & shallow. The proof is his own corruption & the huge corruption of his son Arsalan in just two years.
    In this way the CJ can become very popular as common people always follow the popular one & may be will become future prime minister or president but his actions are taking the country into complete anarchy. One should not forget that Nawaz, Iftakhar, & Kiyani are all punjabees & it seems that the history of East Pakistan is being repeated once again.

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