Challenges of education in Pakistan

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Education plays a vital role in human capital formation. It raises the productivity and efficiency of individuals and thus produces skilled manpower that is capable of leading the economy towards the path of sustainable economic development.

The situation in Pakistan, like many other developing countries, is not very encouraging. The low enrolment rates at the primary level, wide disparities between regions and gender, lack of trained teachers, deficiency of proper teaching materials and poor physical infrastructure of schools indicate the poor performance of this sector.

Middle class go to a bit more affordable private institutes  and the poor ones are left behind who then join the government institutes, with poor educational faculties.

The outcome of this class difference is that English medium schools students learn least about Islam but they gather a sound knowledge of outside world.

Apart from the above mentioned educational systems, another system is also being run i.e. seminary system imparting children solely with religious education and no emphasis on modern studies, producing a generation that knows well about religion but is deprived of essential modern education.

As the medium of education offered by all institutes is not the same, it leads to conflicts among the classes and sense of deprivation especially among the poor ones. This continues at higher education level as well, e.g. LUMS, IBA, GIKI etc these institutions are meant for the elite class, developing social class differences between the students of lower class institutes who might have better abilities and caliber than the students of these institutes, but their intelligence goes neglected, resulting in a waste of talent that could bring Pakistan to the best of its Success and development.

Moreover the examination system is nor fair and just. Corruption and bigotry prevail our education system at all levels, if you have contacts and resources you can climb up to as high a level of success as you desire, it is the poor and middle class that suffers always, and the Government seems to have turned deaf ear to the wimping of these deprived people.

The education status in Pakistan is not unstable since its establishment. The biggest reason why Pakistan’s lagging far behind many countries that were founded somewhere near the era in which Pakistan was formed, is its low literacy rate, i.e. poor education system.

Literacy rate of Pakistan is almost around 50% where the essentials for being termed an educated person are that you are able of reading and writing (34% aprox). Which is not a good sign, with a result that more than half of the literate ones are also not educated in a
completely proper way?

Education teaches one the way of spending a good life, it teaches one the etiquettes, the proper manners, and civilities to live an honorable life. It changes a person’s mindset and makes him more flexible and poised in his attitude towards various aspects of life.

As Most of the Pakistanis are deprived of their very basic right of getting educated they never become independent and are exploited and influenced by the educated ones, this creates great disparities in social classes.

Corruption, feudalism, living on Loans, etc these are all the problems that arise as a result of poor education, hence, the people fail to elect correct people for the government and suffer whole their lives because the mindset cannot be altered except only with education So, it’s a dire need of the debilitating education-health status of the state that proper education system be implemented so that a just even social, economic and political system would be ensured. And soon shall Pakistan make its way to the soaring heights of Progress and development.

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