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Cai Wensheng big chinese domainers

Alternative investments : You must know the Chinese domain name big players


April 22 opening of the new domain millet company, the original domain have decided to change to the domain name Millet Technology CEO Lei Jun said in microblogging the reason for millet to change the domain name is to adapt international strategy. It makes this purchase the the most expensive on the Chinese Internet domain names, millet paid $ 3.6 million to about 20 million yuan.


2013, four appliance business also decided to replace their domain name. Jingdong’s the original into a (two letter domain is never cheap); domain name change will be the only product from as, according broke the news, both companies for the purchase of new domain have to pay thousands of yuan; easy fast change from to; One store will changed to


Internet domain name for the corporate brand, marketing plays a very big role.  With a good domain name, which is easy to remember, catchy, well grafted corporate brand image gets enhanced.  You can save a lot of advertising for business promotion expenses each year.  This are the main reasons so many enterprise spend lots of money to purchase the domain name or do the domain name replacement. Here are the big domain players in China:


1 Cai Wensheng


Cai Wensheng is China’s domain name investment magnate, anecdotal. He has more than 10 million Internet domain names, the total valuation of more than 100 million U.S. dollars, involving all sectors. Cai Wensheng has been on the Internet since 2000, bought his first computer, 12 June 2000 registered the first domain called, he also registered a bunch of domain names, but did not wanted to wait for years for people to start buying from him.


By the end of 2000, he had almost given up. Then one day, he checked a domain name, according to Cai recalls, should be, he found but could not be registered. He also found that the domain name was to expire in five days. Later on, he slowly built a library, the well-known trademarks in China, famous cities were grabbed, when he saw on television anything interesting he grabbed it, he checked all major brands to see if they had registered their domain name. he slowly but surly started building his portfolio and didn’t really care much about cybersquatting.


Cybersquatting was when he started in December 2000, a very important thing happened later, Cai Wensheng recalled in a speech: “February 2001, China-US undersea cable between them brook, when I phoned Chinese registrars that I could not register domains, the registrar told me they can help me register domain names in an emergency situation. So in 2001, 2002 those were my most golden years, the best domain names in the world were either expiring or available. I basically was able to register everything I wanted.”


Cai Wensheng’s main strategy was to register generic domain names in Chinese. Domain name such as, (diamonds), (car); Geography class finally started to show value,  he purchased, as (Puyang), (Chuzhou), (Jingdezhen), etc. In addition, (innovation Works), (perfect World), (STORM), (martial arts), (street network) is also landed in Cai Wensheng hands.


Comprehensive coverage of China and other relevant renamed the site, Cai Wensheng sold a well-known domain name:


He had owned the domain names: (six rooms) (3G Portal) (potato) (Cool News)


2. YaoJinBo


After graduation, he founded the University YaoJinBo domestic domain area network communication platform easily (, he has the most two -digit number domain, has sold a,, (Tiger bashing), domain names. He was acquired from the Korean hands of the ” Dragon Boat Festival.Com.


He also has,,,,, and other thousands of valuable domain names. Asked the value of these domain geometry, YaoJinBo say proudly, “according to the market value, it may be more than one hundred million.”


In addition to investment in domain names, but also for the 58 city YaoJinBo purchased many domain names as “58 city” paved the domain of “broad road.” In addition to 58 city protecting domain, has nearly 350,000 yuan acquisition of phonetic domain, even (shared), (part-time), (recruitment), (buying, selling tickets) and other domain names are to jump to different areas of the 58 city -related websites.



3. Wuxin Hong


Tuxiuxiu founder Wuxin Hong wading domain name is the first investor, Cai Wensheng almost simultaneously started.


Began at18 years old, he became China’s first batch of people operating the domain name business. One day in 1999, Wu Xinhong saw a news: one called “” domain in the United States sold for $7.5 million. This news was also seen by Cai Wensheng another saw. People can not step into a river, but the pie sometimes hits two people on the head simultaneously. At the time Wu, Tsai did not know, but they both saw the news and almost simultaneously got into domain name investment.


In 2000, Wu Xinhong ushered in the first deal: he sold a domain called to an American company for 3,000 dollars. This is almost the full cost recovery for his investment. He also built a social network -enabled domain, and later sold the domain for 3 million yuan.


4. Zhuangliang Ji


???scholar, president of Xiamen, the famous domain name investment specialist, holds thousands of boutique industry domain experts has the largest domestic investment industry Pinyin COM domain names. Its success stories include the famous (public comment),, so on. In recent years, Zhuangliang Ji also sold Mars, baccarat, Lynx other quality domain names.


5. Tired master (Liu Defeng)


Main tired after 80 domain investors, formerly known as Liu Defeng. From start to enter the domain name domain name investment, is very optimistic about the digital domain, especially double-digit. Has sold,,,,, successfully sold to Burson interaction. Currently there are,,,,,,, dozens of domain names.


Tired Lord has owned domain names such as,,,,,,,,, tizi. com, so on.


6 Yang Lin


Yang Lin, jj game boss, because I like a lot of high quality domain names and domain name investing, particularly promising Diepin and AABB four digital domain, he will transferred to Jingdong, currently has,,, and other coveted domain name. By the end of 2011, Yang Lin bought, has been revealed that this domain is trading at six digits.


7 Liu also


Liu also, the dream of the founders of Hainan innovation, quality is very fancy phonetic domain, owns,,, other brands. has been successfully sold to NetDragon, there are still,,, alphabet and a few high-quality domain names.


2012, has also has dreams of buying the innovation of the ” rustic ” Larry domain and “boom” single fight domain, and on-line networks and enable women communities.


2014, according to the microblogging users revealed that Liu also said in his circle of friends has been successful micro letter from overseas to repurchase the digital domain


8. Zhang Lianglun


M off network founder Zhang Lianglun also invested in a lot of domain names, he told reporters confirmed Entrepreneur sold domain name : (NHI), (Shanghai Poly play),,, etc.


Overall nothing in man kind has appreciated more in value than domain names and those who took advantage of it are living a very comfortable life.

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