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Peace talks between israel and palestine suspended

peace in the middle east

The deadline for peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians ended Tuesday with both sides as far apart as ever. It’s been nine months of marathon meetings and incessant Sponsored by the chief U.S. diplomat, John Kerry, who still refuses to acknowledge the failure of its flagship initiative contacts. The parties, however, blame each other […]

The smartest Pakistani in the world

the smartest pakistani

Before shaking hands, Shahid Khan begins to explain the views from the Aiwan-e-Sadr in Islamabad. Once there, he begins a tour with his finger: he is one of the smartest PhD in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania; he likes to see everything  with perspective, that entails far fetched for a normal human. So much […]

Pope Francis and the Royals follow Carlo Petrini the father of Slow Food

Carlo Petrini

The strength of a man or woman has been measured throughout history by their number of followers. Faithful followers, fellow, supporters, sympathizers, supporters… Followers. Carlo Petrini does not have Twitter, but a tide of hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide – and growing – between now included Pope Francisco and, for years, Prince Charles. But […] Beyonce launches movement #whatispretty

Beyonce launches movement #whatispretty

Beyonce launches movement #whatispretty on social networks   Voted the most influential person of the year by the prestigious Time magazine, Beyoncé took the opportunity to launch her movement #whatispretty on social networks   Whereas each year with curiosity people wait for who will be the Time Magazines most influential person. The top 100 most […]

Boredom exist and i got proof

proof of boredom

Someone once said there are three things that (despite the attention devoted to them) do not actually exist: jet lag, true love and boredom. Not having ever suffered any of the first two, I disagree however on the third item. Far absence, boredom seems the main engine of our society and the most important selling […]

NASA confirms that Pivot has crashed on the Moon

NASA confirms that Pivot has crashed on the Moon

Flight controllers of Ames, NASA has confirmed that its automatic Ladee probe crashed in the lunar soil, on the far side of the satellite, as planned but still have not located the lunar impact. The device, the size of a vending machine for drinks, had virtually ran out of the fuel and, since the end […]

Inauspicious future of India if Narendra Modi became Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

London: Indian -origin writers, artists and lawyers against Narendra Modi.   The Guardian newspaper on the letter if Modi was elected, it would be a bad omen for the future of India.   Those who signed the letter of Homi Harvard University. Bhabha, Dayanita Singh and Vivan Sundaram, such as artist, art historian Geeta Kaur […]

Domain names investments and big Chinese domainers

Cai Wensheng big chinese domainers

Alternative investments : You must know the Chinese domain name big players   April 22 opening of the new domain millet company, the original domain have decided to change to the domain name Millet Technology CEO Lei Jun said in microblogging the reason for millet to change the domain name is to […]

Apple without Steve Jobs and release of iphone 6

Apple release of iphone 6

Pressed on all sides to launch the new product “hit”, Apple won a little time due to releasing large quarterly profits thanks to strong iPhone sales and deciding to reward its shareholders.   During the three months ended in late March, which correspond to the second quarter of fiscal year, the Apple brand has managed […]

Is Brazil ready for the football World Cup with looming security crisis

football world cup in brazil saftey

Neither the five years that have passed since the beginning of the project pacifier favelas, or the spur which is the celebration of the two biggest sporting events on the planet, the World Cup and the Olympic Games have done much for the decrease violence in Rio de Janeiro. The power of the drug gangs […]

GM began the process to repair defective 1.4 million vehicles

GM began the recall

General Motors (GM) said today that it has begun shipping to dealers in North America thousands of pieces necessary to repair 1.4 million vehicles affected by a defect in the ignition system. GM said that lots of repair parts are composed of ignition keys, ignition cylinder and keys for 1.4 million cars from the 2003 […]

What the future holds for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg networth

Facebook started the year with a quarterly profit of 642 million dollars (465 million euros), increased three fold from a year ago in the same period. And that despite the fact that the first quarter was when they announced the purchase of the popular messaging service WhatsApp and creator of virtual reality goggles Oculus. Investors […]

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