Boredom exist and i got proof

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proof of boredom

Someone once said there are three things that (despite the attention devoted to them) do not actually exist: jet lag, true love and boredom. Not having ever suffered any of the first two, I disagree however on the third item. Far absence, boredom seems the main engine of our society and the most important selling point of so many products, whatever they may be. The existence of the word “entertainment”, I think, confirms that there is something that is clipped by definition, a kind of gray area in which nothing happens, a place that everyone should escape because (we are told) their shape is a labyrinth.

In 1964, the writer Isaac Asimov said that boredom was to become the main disease of our age, expanding and increasing in intensity to have serious mental, emotional and sociological consequences. He was not wrong: many of the most common mental problems today are rooted in a dissatisfaction that is the most important face of boredom. There are all kinds of things people do to deal with boredom,  aggressiveness on social networks, banal conversations that passengers rush to make as soon as your plane touches ground, always being on the smartphone, the reality shows, going to the movies, the home accident videos from total strangers that go viral.  

No phenomena are devoid of importance, a recent study has shown that people who are board tend to be the more aggressive, and it ‘s an observation, but also a warning, boring and violence is interlinked.

So when you hear three things that (despite the attention devoted to them) do not actually exist: jet lag, true love and boredom. You now know, Boredom is the marketing person dream and is used to sell all kinds of products and services. 

If anyone out there who thinks true love does exist, please reach out and share your thoughts in the comments below and possibly share where to find it. You will be helping lots of people.


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