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Stem cell therapy a fraud or a way out for people with incurable illness

Stem cell therapy for dying people

Stem cell therapy a fraud or a way out for people with incurable illness, a court in Turin Italy will decide. The prosecutor of Turin has brought forward  several charges Wednesday against Davide Vannoni, who invented the method Stamina, stem cell therapy is not accredited by any national health institute or approved by the scientific […]

Four French journalists kidnapped in Syria are freed

Four French journalists kidnapped in Syria

Four French journalists who had been kidnapped for 10 months in Syria have been released  on the border with Turkey, according to the Turkish daily Hürriyet. These reporters Nicolas Henin, Pierre Torres and Didier François Edouard Elias. All of them, blindfolded and hands tied, were located by Turkish troops as they approached the border on […]

Mobilink, Warid Zong and other mobile compaines in pakistan may hate Whatsapp

Mobilink, Warid Zong logos

What will happen to text messages revenue for the mobile companies in Pakistan? The answer will not be too far off of what is happening in other parts of the world. As more smart phones penterate the marketing pakistan, the future of revenues from text messaging looks bleak.  Pakistanis collectively sent over 151 billion text […]

Dim sum, Chinese cap winning Pakistani heart

dim sum in islamabad pakistan

Cantonese Dim sum means “touch the heart”. And it is what they have achieved these morsels that in journey from China, which used to be eaten as breakfast and snack but of the late are being eaten as lunch and dinner. Background is set in Cantonese cuisine, where there is evidence of some 2,000 types […]

Vulture fund NML Capital takes nation of Argentina to court : U.S. backs Argentina

U.S. backs Argentina

Washington has sided with Argentina before the U.S. Supreme Court in its dispute with a group of Bondholders, que claims the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner owes $1.33 billion to the investors, after her country stopped making debt repayments in 2001. During oral arguments before the nine justices on Monday, Deputy Solicitor General […]

The genetic basis of the evolution of the human body

epigenetic modifications

Significant genetic differences are not only in the DNA sequence (gcttaatgc…), but also in other things that stick above it (epigenetic modifications over the genes). Scientists at the Hebrew University, the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig and the Universities of Oviedo and Cantabria have rebuilt first epigenetic maps Neanderthals and Denisovans, and compared with modern […]

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