Revolutionary fashion, factories are in Asia but the world is the playground

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 5:50:52 by
fashion factory sank in Bangladesh

It is not difficult for everyone to be aware of the shift of power that has occurred in the world. It costs Obama, who in 2012 declared the Asian pivot as its foreign policy priority and until this week it will not spend a whole lot of time to cultivate relationships with their partners in the vast continent. And costs us all, mainly Europeans increasingly tucked into the plight of our inner and less focused on organizing rooms, not to an uncertain future, but especially for this present as deliquescent.

A good example of the maze in which we walk offers the social democracy as a loss, condemned again and again as governs the adoption of policies of Tony Blair’s Margaret Thatcher, Manuel Valls now Angela Merkel. His tragedy is that the background is out of the historical subject that had given meaning and force. The working class has disappeared. Or rather, it’s gone. Is in Asia, it ensures their low labor costs disproportionate increase in wealth of the last thirty years providing massive manufacturing offshoring.

It is not the only factor contributing to the exaggerated increase in the assets of the rich, so well described by capital in the XXI century, the fashion book on inequality the French Thomas Piketty. The technology, deregulation and open markets are intertwined factors to consider. We are in the garment industry, which requires flashing manufacturing processes in response to an organized from a frantic bid rotation increasingly tailored to the exact requirements of a business binge.

The Socialists are in Europe, but the workers are on strike in China. Right now 30,000 of them in the factories of Adidas and Nike in the provinces of Guangdong and Jingxi star in the biggest protest of there alive memory, demand better wages and compensation in case of dismissal. Their employers are already taking orders southward to Blangladesh, where it is possible to achieve even lower costs of production, not only thanks to the paltry salaries, the lowest in the world, if not the poor working conditions, health and even physical security.

A year ago sank in Dhaka on Rana Plaza, a cracked building outside producing for multinational fashion houses. 1,139 people died and 2,300 others were maimed or injured.  A group of NGOs have today called for a day of protest to commemorate the greatest catastrophe in the history of textile and simultaneously brutal expression of the evils of global capitalism. It is the day of the Fashion Revolution, the revolutionary fashion. The factories are in Asia, with the pivot of the world, but the game is played on the global stage, but sometimes do not want to learn.

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