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Mali Faces Hostage Situation as Gunmen Take Over Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Mali

In Bamako, the capital city of the West African Country of Mali, gunmen have taken control of the Radisson Blu luxury hotel holding 170 guests and staff as hostages. Turkish Airlines have reported that six staff members have been caught up in the incident. According to eye-witness reports from the ground there has been an […]

US Secretary of State John Kerry Applauds Pakistan’s Anti-terror Efforts

Kerry Nawaz

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry met with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during the gathering for the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The two discussed regional security issues and the PM took the chance to express his concerns about India’s violation of the ceasefire agreement along the line of […]

Afridi Thinks PCB Should Stop Trying to Host India in Pakistan

Shahid Afridi

Voices are calling on the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to stop focusing on getting a series against India and instead try to get other teams to come and tour Pakistan. One of these voices is that of the T20 skipper Shahid Afridi, who speaking to reporters in Lahore, was quoted as saying, “I don’t know […]

Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability against India is Assured

indian soldier arrested in Pakistan

Speaking at a seminar at Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) a strategic issues think–tank based in Islamabad, former Defence Secretary retired Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi assured those present of Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability against India – a military term meaning that Pakistan is in a position to defend itself should its land based nuclear Arsenal […]

Iceland issues red alert for eruption of Bardarbunga volcano

volcano Bardarbunga

Iceland’s meteorological agency has issued a red alert on Saturday for airlines at the first signs of the erupted volcano Bardarbunga, the second largest island. Red Alert is the last of five levels of warning and means that, although it has not yet started broadcasting ash into the atmosphere, the eruption has begun. Since the […]

Pope leaves “open door” that priests can marry


“Not being a dogma of faith, is always the door open… “. There are no rules or red zones. Journalists ask what they consider appropriate and Pope  Francisco responds. He did it on his return from Rio de Janeiro – “Who am I to judge gays? ” – And now he does it again on […]

Will NASA Abandon Rover ‘Opportunity’ on Mars?


NASA will decide the fate of its two space missions, the Opportunity rover on Mars and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) on the moon depending on the availibity of the findings in the 2015 US budget. In the event that the U.S. space agency decides to terminate these missions would create a precedent unthinkable until […]

Did human really originate from Africa: New take

biology of planet Earth

An analysis of genetic diversity and cranial measurements of 10 African and Asian populations indicates that humans dispersed out of Africa into two batches and the first one was much earlier than previously thought. The second migration that scattered human of northern Eurasia 50,000 years ago, comes to correspond with what was known until now […]

Mice with Alzheimer recovered with gene memory are humans next

Alzheimer recovered with gene

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, those affected begin to lose the ability to learn and memorize. Thus, one can not remember their house, neighborhood bakery, his own children in some cases and even where he got married. Good news is that some Spanish scientists have successfully reversed Alzheimer in mice, the memory loss […]

The evolution of manhood 36 Y chromosome genes also present in X

The evolution of manhood 36 Y chromosome

It was thought that the few genes that fit the Y chromosome were used for little more than trigger the development of fetal testes to produce sperm. Two papers from the University of Lausanne and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston) now show that the human Y chromosome originated at the time of separation between […]

Word and meanings, how brain interprets it

power of words in brain

Philosophers and biologists agree that the great talent that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world is the power of language, but that does not help to answer the big question: how do we acquire language? Neuroscientists now found a crucial clue: when a person hears verbs and nouns associated with a body […]

Revolutionary fashion, factories are in Asia but the world is the playground

fashion factory sank in Bangladesh

It is not difficult for everyone to be aware of the shift of power that has occurred in the world. It costs Obama, who in 2012 declared the Asian pivot as its foreign policy priority and until this week it will not spend a whole lot of time to cultivate relationships with their partners in […]

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