Pope leaves “open door” that priests can marry

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“Not being a dogma of faith, is always the door open… “. There are no rules or red zones. Journalists ask what they consider appropriate and PopeĀ  Francisco responds. He did it on his return from Rio de Janeiro – “Who am I to judge gays? ” – And now he does it again on the plane of El Al, the Israeli airline, on the flight between Tel Aviv and Rome. One of the issues raised is the compulsory celibacy of priests, an old issue that turns on the news after that, a few days ago, a group of 26 women in love with priests forwarded a letter to Jorge Mario Bergoglio asking to leave to prohibit ” as strong and beautiful bond.” The Pope does not hide in the answer to the question of whether it is willing to raise an uncomfortable discussion within the Church.. “Catholic Church has married priests Greek Catholic, Coptic Catholic, is in the Eastern Rite Because not debate on dogma, but on a rule of life that I appreciate and that is a gift to the Church. not being a dogma of faith, the door is always open. “

One of the novelties of Francisco is just that, a willingness to discuss what debatable, but it fails to express his opinion. Thus, the old aspiration of a sector of the Church that priests can marry and have children without being forced to leave the priesthood have hope again. As also to integrate the new family, as separated and remarried, a very large group on the next synod of the family will have to discuss and arrive at solutions. In the same way that the Vatican, but not with the speed that it might be necessary after decades of paralysis begins to react against child sexual abuse committed by its members. It is another issue on which Bergoglio clear answers:

What will you do if there is a bishop who is not aware of these rules, it is excluded, is asked to resign or other sanctions? How can you face in a practical sense?

“In Argentina the privileged we say ‘ this we are a child of father ‘ Well, in this issue there will be ‘ rich kids ‘ There are three bishops who are under investigation.. One is already convicted and is.. worth studying to be put No privileges priest who does this betray the Lord’s body because instead of taking them to holiness, and this is very serious abuse is like… I ‘ll do a comparison.. ‘s like a black Mass, for example, you have to take to holiness and bring it to a problem that will last a lifetime. “

Pope reveals that within a few days, a mass will be held at the residence of Santa Marta participate in a small group of abuse victims: ” There are six or eight people from Germany, England and Ireland. And then will meet with Cardinal O’Malley, the chairman of the commission against abuses. But of this we have to move ahead. Zero tolerance ! “

Bergoglio admits that there will always be scandals, but his reform of the Curia seeks precisely to prevent them. Journalists asked about the lavish party on a roof of the Vatican or the alleged embezzlement of 15 million euros by Bertone. The Pope defends. One says that the matter is not clear, which is being investigated and that his campaign to the Vatican Bank, the IOR- a decent entity has already caused the closure of 1600 accounts. The remaining problem admits Argentine potato, is that there are still members of the Curia who resist, ” they are not clear.”

Nor are the bishop of Rome as delicate as goal to settle the conflict in the Middle East or review the global economic system matters. But the Pope is not given the hint and answer questions, “We are in a multiple economic system that puts money in the center, not the individual. A real economic system should be the middle man and woman. This economic system that we have placed in the center of money and people rule. Now they are discarding the young, and that’s very serious. In Italy, youth unemployment is over 40%. In Spain it is 50% and in Andalusia, in southern Spain, 60%. This means that there is a generation of ni-ni, who neither study nor work, and this is very serious. This economic system is inhumane. “

Jorge Mario Bergoglio also had a few words for Benedict XVI. If during the return flight from Rio de Janeiro said that he was a grandfather who can check, now refers to the door that opened with his decision to resign.

– If you are in a very distant day without sufficient forces, renounce the papacy?

I’ll do what the Lord tells me to do: pray and seek the will of God. I think Benedict XVI is not unique. I think he is already an institution. 70 years ago there were no bishops emeritus. Now there are many. What about Emeritus Papas? Benedict XVI opened a door, the emeritus Papas. If there will be more, only God knows. But that door is open. I think a bishop of Rome you feel down its forces should be the same questions that Pope Benedict did.

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