8 Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter for your CV

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write a great cover letter

The cover letter is a required element for any application for an internship, job or training, it accompanies your CV and explains your job application.


The letter should arouse the interest of the recruiter by answering three questions:


1. First part of the letter: What is the purpose of your application ?


From the first lines of your letter you must state the purpose of your application in very specific terms and if possible by showing that you know the company or institute concerned. “… I ‘m looking for an internship / job in the field of bioinformatics… in a leading company in the market as technology XX ” If it is a research internship mention your availability (full-time, alternating, dates of availability, duration). If this is an application for training, specify the options chosen well.


2. Second part of the letter: Who are you?


Be careful not to repeat your resume in your cover letter. Here you must justify your request by including it in your course ” after a commercial action BTS… two courses seller… I would like a position confirmed seller… ” Your cover letter can complete your CV detailing a particularly interesting experience that you have not been able to develop in your CV: tasks, responsibilities, results… choose to explain this experience if it is directly related to the position of the ad. ” during my internship at XYZ I could demonstrate my skills in performing project management… ” This part gives credibility in the eyes of the recruiter and enhances the value of the experience presented in your cv.


3. Third part of the letter: Why do you want this internship/job/training?


Tell us in your cover letter why the company or institute attracts you, why the mission/training looks interesting and why you would be a good fit. Also cover letter should allow your reader to see if you know what to expect (if you understand the challenges of the post coveted) : here you can integrate the elements of the internship/job by specifying what motivates you in the job description and what are your strengths associated with these.


4. Politeness. Be courteous and polite : Always end your letter stating that you remain available to the reader for more information and concluding with the standard formula of politeness : “I remain at your disposal for further information, I please accept, Madam Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration, Yours truly, Best regards,”


5. Originality/vocabulary. Build short, punchy sentences to adopt a clear and direct style (one page maximum). Be creative in your cover letter to detach yourself from the masses, the impact of your letter will be more important (but do not over do it).


6. Unique. Same CV can be sent to several different companies, but a cover letter should always be unique and specific to the offer and the company or institute concerned. Select only information about you, which will be of interest to the recruiter.


7. Handwritten? The rule requiring a handwritten letter seems outdated given the scale of the development of the recruitment process via the Internet. However, if you can send your application by post may be a handwritten version of your cover letter will allow you to stand out from other candidates.


8. One last tip, do read your letter and get someone to proofread it, your cover letter must be perfect and should not have any mistakes. 

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