Firing on PIA flight at Peshawar airport kills one woman

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 4:41:23 by
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One woman passenger was killed and two stewards injured when unidentified gunman opened fire on the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight PK-756 from Riyadh was landing at the Peshawar airport on Tuesday June 24, 2o14. Injured were rushed to hospital for medical treatment. Security forces have blocked all the roads to airport and flight operations have been stopped. All flights destined for Peshawar are now being diverted to Lahore airport.

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar confirmed the incident and told reporters that three passengers were injured by the gunfire on the flight which was in the landing position when someone opened fired on the plane. The injured woman could not survive and died. Two injured stewards are being treated in the hospital.

The flight captain narrowly escaped a bullet and was able to land the plane safely. Passengers got panicked and wanted to come out of the plane as soon as possible. However, the PIA stewards were able to keep them seated.  Plane received ten gun bullets as a result of firing.

Security forces are searching the area around the airport. Civil Aviation Authority has stopped the flight operation at the Peshawar airport after the firing incident. Flights are now being diverted to the Allama Iqbal International airport Lahore.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Shah Farman while talking to reporters said that firing incidents like this are “a usual occurrence in the area”.  He further said that it is dificult to ascertain from which side the bullets were fired.

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4 Comments for “Firing on PIA flight at Peshawar airport kills one woman”

  1. Pakistan’s problem is its own creation. The main problem is that PM of Pakistan has no control over ISI and its military, with both military and ISI running their own agenda. So military although they can crush Taliban, they will not want to do that. Do we remember how LTTE was crushed in Srilanka. Same way, Taliban and all other terrorist groups based in Pakistan could be exterminated if only Pakistan’s military and ISI sincerely want to do so, but they are not interested so Pakistan people are living in a hell created by Pakistan’s military and ISI. May be only solution is for an outside force comprising of US, India, China and Russian armies to invade and occupy Pakistan and exterminate the military and religious madmen and mad mullahs. Should not be bothered if a few innocents gets killed along the way. Choice is before the Pakistan’s military, face extermination or let go of the control, accept superiority of legislature and submit and obey legislature and obey democratic govt of Pakistan, just like in India and US and Srilanka

  2. Tom Hanks

    Pakistan is one of most unsafe countries in the world. This strife torn place should be avoided at all costs. The people are fanatics , largely as they are uneducated, poor and idle.

  3. Tom Hanks

    Pakistan is a country of uneducated , poor, idle fanatics. It is one of the most dangerous places to visit. God save you if you are not Muslim. USA travel advisory says so. So stay away.

  4. thinktank

    I must disagree with Mr veen…. Reading the text written by him, i smell hatered against Pakistan and Pakistani’s…. Unlike Mr Veen, in pakistan general populace love Pakistan Army and ISI. Infact most of them believe them to be the the very source form which they draw power and faith to carry on.. Indian and US interest in the region has made a kind of situation in Pakistan that general populace are feeling the heat. Pakistan Army with support of ISI is fighting this menace. Only if indian stop stabbing in the back, things can improve. Here i agree with Mr Veen analysis regarding capability of ISI and pak Army that they can end the menace of terrorism. Every Pakistani feel that with the kind of Army we have, if we can cause country such as India to tremble which happens to be seven times the size pakistan is, Pakistan Army can do anyting. Long live Pakistan

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