Scotland ponders cost of its independence from UK

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Will there be a replica of Hadrian’s Wall, the defense that the Romans built to the north of Britain and break the three centuries of shared history between Scotland and the United Kingdom (UK)? . It seems that 307 years of coexistence under the common banner of the Union Jack, efforts and endeavors in building the British Empire and the industrial revolution did not weigh much as Scotland estimates the price of its independence from the UK.

“We will be richer because oil from the North Sea will pass into our hands and we can build a more just society ” is repeated in the assemblies of towns and neighborhoods in an environment of political refounding. Edinburgh Castle, which seems to emerge every day a fantastic past, proudly stands as the symbol of Scotland is seeking a separately traced path.

In addition to undo UK, the union of nations comprising England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Scots will decide on September 18 in the referendum for independence, they will have on their hands the opportunity to shake the international board of nations without establishing a successful a state.

That knock on the table – UK can be a warning, depending on the outcome – or clear impact on the European Union and particularly in Spain, currently known surge to pursue domestic nationalism. Now the recriminations are laid. If Scotland can be independent, why can not we? If the British government allows and accepts the outcome of the referendum, why that of Spain’s stopping you? The road to independence of Scotland is much more intricate and risky than Scottish nationalism implies, but dull thundering echoes another time the Quebec experience, Scotland is the fashion destination of modern sovereignty pilgrimage, the new source of legitimacy in dealing with drinking and grooming Western independence not all equally presentable.

“Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes / No “. The question is: Should Scotland be an independent country? No party is to be seen whether the British strategy of allowing the Scottish Parliament to make the query and remove the middle way of granting greater autonomy will not backfire. The nationalists sought to include in the referendum a second supplementary question on improving skills, supporting a large majority of the electorate, for good measure, given the low support for separation indicating the polls, and in order to negotiate high fiscal autonomy.

“My heart says yes but my head no,” is a common response to the dominant tone with politically correct language, except in football, where some have loudly celebrated the goals conceded by England in the World Cup.

The government in London and Edinburgh have spent months locked in a war of reports on disasters and benefits of eventual independence. Whenever the British public a brainy experts do work on the negative impact of separation on the Scottish financial system or the continuity of Scotland within the EU, the government of Prime Minister Alex Salmond calls in Parliament from Edinburgh to a dozen experts to refute the data.

After two years of campaigning undeclared arguments are sophisticated. This argument flows profusely: ” I have not clear what independence but will vote yes because if the bank does not win fairly, London will refuse to negotiate and we will pay a heavy bill for having challenged the referendum.” Ya says Alberto López Basaguren Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of the Basque Country and one of the greatest scholars of sovereignty phenomenon: “This kind of referendums loads the devil.”

For many decades, Scotland was the great UK Labour barn. Radical reforms of the Government of Margaret Thatcher closure of heavy industries, privatization and harassment of trade unions led to exasperation much of the public who has not forgiven the Conservative Party.

Aware that their electoral support are relative – obtained an absolute majority with only 900,000 votes out of 4.2 million census – collecting and maybe borrow a Labour vote, the SNP poses a break staggered deadlines and agreed with the UK, especially since you need to make your stay in the EU.

“The break will not be an easy ride,” warned the author of the Harry Potter saga, JK Rowling, resident in Scotland for twenty years, she has donated a million pounds to the campaign against secession movement Unionist Better Together. Speak knowingly because from the digital anonymity have insulted and criticized social assistance when they charged was a single mother and was unemployed.

“If we split up, there will be no turning back, and that separation will not be quick or clean, require microsurgery to saturate damage after three centuries of interdependence and then have to deal with three bitter neighbors. Some of our most fierce nationalists  would lead me to the border.” Rowling is to say that in Hadrian’s Wall, the border of Scotland and England, will appear a nasty scar difficult to explain to future generations.



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