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London offers more autonomy to curb independence

scotland independence refrendum

The British government on Sunday gave more powers to Scotland if not triumphs in the independence referendum. The offer was raised although, significantly, generically, without any detail- by the Minister of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, hours after a poll rocked Westminster to put the lead for the first time (51% […]

More than 100 executives reject Scottish independence

scotish independence

Over a hundred executives from major Scottish companies have posted an open letter on Wednesday in The Scotsman in opposing Scottish independence arguing that supporters of the referendum itself on Sept. 18 have not to establish that separated the UK it will be better for the Scottish economy that maintaining the current union. Signatories include […]

Scotland ponders cost of its independence from UK

scotland independence refrendum

Will there be a replica of Hadrian’s Wall, the defense that the Romans built to the north of Britain and break the three centuries of shared history between Scotland and the United Kingdom (UK)? . It seems that 307 years of coexistence under the common banner of the Union Jack, efforts and endeavors in building […]

Natalia Koch Rhode convincingly crushes Caitlin Pringle at European Mixed Team Championships 2013

Natalia Koch Rhode, as emerging player from Denmark, showed her lofty craft on court and remained successful in crushing Scotland’s Caitlin Pringle in Women’s Singles encounter at European Mixed Team Championships 2013 on Friday, February 15, in Russia. The lofty Natalia, who has been working hard to earn a respectable place in Women’s Singles category, […]

Julie Macpherson stuns Holly Newall to secure Girl’s Singles title at Glasgow Junior U19 2013

Julie Macpherson, who is one of the emerging shuttlers in Scotland, stole the limelight as she won the Girl’s Singles U19 title after defeating the higher ranked Holly Newall in the final encounter at Glasgow Junior U19 2013 on Sunday, February 10, in Scotland. The second seeded Macpherson, who remained impressive in all battles in […]

Rebekka Findlay demolishes Julie MacPherson to earn glory at Scottish National Junior Championships

Scotland’s in-form shuttler Rebekka Findley defied all odds to earn glory as she claimed Girl’s Singles U19 crown after beating her team-mate Julie Macpherson in the title match at the Scottish National Junior Championships 2012 in Scotland, on October 14. The impressive Rebekka, who was the top seeded player in the main draw of the […]

OCBC US Open: Rudiger Gnedt finds positive start in Men’s Singles first round

OCBC US Open: Rudiger Gnedt finds positive start in Men’s Singles first round Rudiger Gnedt, a talented shuttler from Austria, starts his campaign in Men’s Singles first round in a positive fashion as he overpowered Scotland’s Alistair Casey in a thrilling battle at the OCBC US Open GP Gold 2012 on Monday, at Los Angeles, […]


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