Litmus test for unity government

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Palestine Unity Government

The crisis generated by the murders of young and the escalating war in Gaza generate two essential questions for Palestinian politics: will the unity government hold so much pressure?  The agreement between the Palestinian factions on April 23, which caught on June 2 in a Cabinet of technocrats who tries to take control of the West Bank and Gaza, already in an unstable situation before the outbreak of violence, dragging the complexity put to work together to have been mortally faced in the past seven years and challenges faced enormous difficulty as to the geographical division of the Palestinians and the integration of the armed militias in the security forces. In the environment of Prime Minister Rami Hamdala recognizes, despite the forced optimism, already without conflict is a ” Herculean task ” to convene the promised elections within five months and baste two different realities behind the old enmities.

Israel said Hamas as executor of the crime of the three boys. By extension, he blamed President Abbas of Fatah, by siding with “terrorists.” The sad situation has served to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, see an opportunity to give the final blow to the Palestinian political unity. But unless the foreign minister, Riad Malki, who said publicly that, if evidence against Hamas, “the agreement would be in danger,” nobody wanted to elaborate on that line.

“Netanyahu is very wrong if you think your strategy will succeed, because we have united around the needs and interests of the Palestinians. The bet is still on, despite trying to weaken the government. We believe in the two-state solution and we have the support of the international community, “says Xavier Abu Eid, a spokesman for the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO).

Despite this “fortress”, also backed by Mustafa Barghouti, one of the architects of the rapprochement between the factions, which believed that ” Israel’s attacks on Palestinians to take further join ” – is intense debate about the balance of power. Weakened Abbas appears before the public – opinion only 10% of Palestinians support it, according to the newspaper Haaretz, for lending his police collaboration to Israel to find students, and can only make calls to the U.S. or the EU to ask Israel containment.

The real game is played in another field, that of Hamas, which has been growing in popularity, with more than 500 detainees with whom Israel tried to find clues. Up to eight of its MPs were arrested, which is also weighing on the regeneration of the Palestinian Chamber. Bassam Eid, founder of the monitoring group Human Rights in Palestine, said that the population had ” sympathy ” for the kidnapping, but it coincided with a hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners, the raids caused a kind of ” solidarity” with Hamas.

In 2012, during the Israeli military operation Defensive Pilar, Islamists achieved significant popular support to sustain the Israel pulse for eight days. Now still trying to be strong, while Israel insists that possess some 10,000 rockets.

The gap with Abbas Islamists can be extended, and affect what each faction claimed in government. After the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the closure of the tunnels in the Sinai and the lack of funding of Qatar or Turkey, Hamas is in deep crisis.

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