NATO plans to strengthen its presence on Russian border

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NATO deployed ” in the near future ” immediate intervention units in neighboring countries allied with Russia. In a meeting with six European newspapers, including El Pais, the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has confirmed that the NATO military presence in countries like Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be strengthened “soon” and this will be one of the most important points to be discussed at the next summit in Cardiff (Wales), with the participation of all member states of the alliance on 4 and 5 September and has also been invited to the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko. The announcement of the creation of new bases in Eastern Europe comes at a time of maximum border tension between Ukraine and Russia after the entry, last week, a convoy carrying humanitarian aid from Moscow without authorization from the Ukrainian Government and framed into an overall strategy of Western pressure on Russia with stern warnings about their ” raids ” on Ukrainian territory.

“Our intention is to develop a unit that is a spearhead in the Response Force NATO and available for intervention at any time. If an attack occurs, could intervene in a matter of hours, “says Rasmussen. The head of the military alliance and former Prime Minister Danish clarifies that this ” greater presence ” of allies in Eastern Europe will semipermanent character by a ” high-frequency rotation ” field. For your final commissioning, the secretary general of the organization admits that have yet to strengthen its infrastructure in these countries, in order to be able to accommodate the necessary equipment and supplies for the troops deployed there.

Permanent bases in Eastern collide with the contents of Founding Act governing relations between NATO and Russia since 1997 Currently NATO only has a headquarters in the East, located in Szczecin (Poland) aviation safety and guarantees of the Baltic countries by rotational deployment of combat aircraft from other Member States. As part of the agreement, this fall will deploy four aircraft Eurofighter Spain to participate in patrolling. This mission, scheduled from June, would not be affected by the creation of new military facilities in the region.

The military alliance framed this decision under Article 5 of the treaty -the heart of the Alliance, which guarantees a common response in case of an armed attack against one of its members. “I think Russia knows that attacking a member state would cross the red line. That is the greatest value of the Alliance. “Notes Rasmussen. ” By this I mean that there is an imminent threat, but our duty is to continuously update us and adapt to the new environment to remain credible and effective. The stronger our resolve, the lower the risk of a military threat to any ally. “

Despite the greater strength of the military alliance in his last public speeches, Rasmussen confirms the Founding Act. The Secretary General of NATO has been remarked that the Russian government that, ” by their actions “, has gone from treating NATO as a partner to treat you as an adversary. Rasmussen goes further: “Russia is the first country that appropriates a territory [ the Crimea ] by force since World War II. This is, in itself, a violation of the Act. “

Rasmussen also confirmed the attendance of the summit Poroshenko and announces that leverage to hold a bilateral meeting with the Ukrainian delegation. “We want to see what specific items we can help improve and modernize its defense systems,” he adds, leaving the door open to a possible increased cooperation in the field of security. The head of NATO also reiterates one of the ideas brought about the change in tone in relations with Moscow: the need to increase defense budgets of the 28 allies. “Since the end of the Cold War we have experienced a period of relative good weather. Now, however, we are faced with a profound change in the weather. The risk is higher, requiring more investment, “he concludes.

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