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NATO accelerates creation of a short-acting force


NATO is prepared for any contingency that threatens its Member States. In line with the increasing Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, NATO has accelerated its plans to create a rapid reaction force composed of ” several thousand” soldiers, in the words of Secretary General of the organization, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and drop in hours. […]

NATO opens door for Ukraine into Alliance


NATO leaves the door open to a possible entry of Ukraine into the Alliance, as suggested hours before the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk. ” I do not want to interfere in internal political issues, but let me remind our decision taken in 2008 to the effect that Ukraine will become a member of NATO […]

NATO plans to strengthen its presence on Russian border


NATO deployed ” in the near future ” immediate intervention units in neighboring countries allied with Russia. In a meeting with six European newspapers, including El Pais, the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has confirmed that the NATO military presence in countries like Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be strengthened “soon” and […]

A suicide attack causes carnage in an Afghan market

afghanistan blast kills many

The explosion of a car bomb caused a massacre Tuesday in a market in Afghanistan. At least 89 civilians, including many children, have died in the suicide attack and 42 were injured. The blast occurred at a market Orgun District, Paktika Province (eastern Afghanistan). “Right now, the police are taking the wounded to hospitals,” the […]

Separatists shoot down military aircraft in Ukraine

Ukraine military plane shot down

A Ukrainian military transport plane  An-26, that participated in the operation against the separatists in the east of the country, was shot down Monday in the Lugansk region, in the border with Russia, as confirmed by the rival parties, which differ on details, number of crew and apparatus circumstances of the incident. Another Ukrainian military […]

Spanish forces leave Afghanistan after eight-year military mission

Spanish troops have left Afghanistan’s western Badghis Province as part of the NATO withdrawal plan. A total of 1,500 Spanish forces have been deployed in this province since 2005. The Spanish Defence Ministry says in a press release that the Spanish forces have carried out mission in Afghanistan for eight years and now they are […]

Afghan raids kill nearly 50 militants

Afghan officials claim nearly 50 militants have been killed in police operations in different Afghan provinces in the last 24 hours. “Afghan National Police (ANP) conducted several cleanup operations with the cooperation of army, intelligence agency and the NATO-led coalition forces, killing 49 armed Taliban, wounding eight and arresting 11 other armed militants,” the ministry […]

Explosion kills five militants in Khyber agency

Five suspected militants were killed in an explosion in a Khyber tribal region on Sunday, officials said. The explosion occurred in the center of a banned militant group “Lashkar-e-Islam” in Bara area, they said.   The group’s spokesman, Younas Khan, was among those killed in the blast. The group fights Security forces in Khyber region, […]

Afghan election commission official shot dead

The provincial Chairman of Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) was killed Wednesday in a drive-by shooting in northern Kunduz province, the latest in a string of targeted killings against government officials and local leaders in the war-torn country, said a provincial official. “The head of IEC in Kunduz engineer Mohammad Aman succumbed to his wounds, […]

Taliban storm US consulate in Afghanistan’s Herat

Afghan Taliban say a group of heavily armed fighters Friday stormed the US consulate in western city of Heart, killing and injuring scores of foreign and Afghan troops. The US embassy in Kabul says all Consulate personnel safe and accounted for after complex attack on Herat consulate early this morning. Taliban in a statement claimed […]

Mulla Omar rejects Afghan elections, vows to continue fighting

Taliban chief, Mullah Omar, on Tuesday rejected the coming lections in Afghanistan and said it is a waste of time.   In his Eid message he also accused Americans of the stalemate in Qatar dialogue process. Mullah Omar also hinted that the Taliban would talk to the Afghan side after they reach an agreement with foreign […]

US drones to haunt Pakistan as leaders fail to adopt strong approach

American drones will haunt Pakistan as the new leadership has also failed to come up with a strong approach in recent talks with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. The Foreign Ministry issues routine statements to condemn the American attacks in the tribal regions and some time summon the US envoy to lodge a […]


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