NATO accelerates creation of a short-acting force

Friday, September 5th, 2014 5:56:33 by

NATO is prepared for any contingency that threatens its Member States. In line with the increasing Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, NATO has accelerated its plans to create a rapid reaction force composed of ” several thousand” soldiers, in the words of Secretary General of the organization, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and drop in hours. Some sources say 4000, but NATO insists that the amount will have to pin it aprobarla- -and heads of State and Government of the Allied countries at the summit held on Thursday and Friday in Wales.

The justification Rasmussen offers to create this force and increase the Allied presence in Eastern Europe shows the alarm produced by Russian movements. “We do not because we want to attack anyone, but the dangers and threats are more visible. And we will do whatever it takes to defend our allies, “he said Monday at a news conference.

Such rapid reaction troops are what NATO called spearhead force immediate action aimed at “any potential aggressor knows that we are prepared. Have a deterrent effect, ” said the head of NATO, although so far Moscow has not reacted to threats launched from the West. The unit shall include land, naval, air force and special forces will have a headquarters in one of the 28 allies to act if necessary, explain sources of the organization, which put the implementation of this force later this year. His room for maneuver may be delayed depending on whether a country requires parliamentary authorization request to approve a mission, but should not exceed one week. The details will be closed on Friday the appointment of Cardiff. The organization expects that all states join this commitment, although it remains to be seen to what degree.

The other step forward which will teach NATO claws Russia will increase its presence in the east. To have that quick action plan, NATO needs to expand its troops in eastern Europe, a region where Moscow pledged to not have permanent bases and now feels especially threatened. “It’s about having real presence on the ground. The security situation is very volatile and we have to adjust to this changing scenario, “he explained the secretary general.

On paper, the Allies did not alter the special relationship with Russia since 1997, but in practice, ” Russia no longer sees NATO as a partner but as an adversary,” according to Rasmussen, making agreements dead letter.

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