Obama will intensify offensive to defeat militants in Iraq

Friday, September 12th, 2014 3:54:51 by
USA president Barack Obama

One day before they have completed 13 years since Al Qaeda attacked Twin towers, Barack Obama will address the nation to unveil what his plans to combat the renowned Islamic state in the Middle East. On Wednesday, the president of the United States after a summer of criticism for his supposed paralysis -motivadas partly hers some unfortunate statements, explain to Congress and the public of its decision to ” launch an offensive ” against the jihadists but will emphasize that there will be no American troops on the ground, because ” this is not the equivalent of the Iraq war.”

Obama made these latest remarks during an interview broadcast on Sunday and recorded last Saturday at the White House for the TV show Meet The Press, which premiered anchorman. According to the president, right now the Islamic State does not represent a direct threat against the United States but could become so. “I want everyone to understand that we have not seen any recent information about espionage attacks on our territory ” by the Islamic State, said Obama. ” But the threat exists and we have the ability to manage it and this is how we do it,” Obama told Chuck Todd, veteran new driver information space.

Before giving his speech on Wednesday, Obama will have met yesterday with congressional leaders in order to seek support for his strategy against the Islamist group that already controls parts of Syria and Iraq, which has claimed the lives of two American reporters. In his game plan ” the next phase is to take the offensive,” said the president without going into details. ” This is not like the Iraq war, this is similar to the kind of anti-terrorist campaigns that have been performing consistently over the last five, six and seven years.”

President ‘s words came almost parallel to the new bombing by the United States of EI positions around Haditha Dam, in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar, as reported by the Pentagon, trying to avoid falling into the installation hands of the jihadists and that supplies water to millions of Iraqis and is the second largest generator of electricity in Iraq. In the words of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, ” if the prey falls to the EI or is destroyed, the damage that will occur will be very important.”

The jihadists have already seized control of the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq, keeping it in his possession for ten days before being expelled by the Kurdish Iraqi Aug. 18 and mixed force. The province of Al Anbar is partially dominated since last January by the EI, which months later, in June- he set out to conquer new areas of Iraq and proclaimed an Islamic caliphate.

The transaction announced in August by President Barack Obama sought, as it was made ??, prevent the slaughter of citizens of the minority Yazidi in the mountains of Sinjar and protect American citizens in Iraqi Kurdistan and the capital, Baghdad. Attacks by American aircraft pose both an extension of the operation, although the Pentagon maintains that its goal is to defend their national on Iraqi soil.

Obama’s interview on NBC served two purposes: it served to welcome the new host of veteran political and social space analysis and allowed the White House out of the lethargy that has been charged when confronting jihadists seeking creation of a Salafist caliphate. In the best versions, Obama has been held hostage this summer for better or worse their own words interpreted by the press and performances. If you go to play golf with the consequent photo- nothing talking to family first journalist beheaded by renowned Islamic state was not the best decision of political correctness, they did not help his statements that his administration lacked ” a strategy ” in Syria to stop the forward or jihadist these radicals were a mere apprentices fry terrorists.

The president seems now decided to take action and be the one to check the calendar, when voices and Democrats in Congress who spoke to initiate legislation allowing the White House to intervene in Syria. The first step would have occurred this week during the NATO summit in Wales and the creation of Obama by an international coalition air strikes to support the work on the ground make the Iraqi and Kurdish troops. The second Sunday with this sort of news flash that has led the president. The penultimate step -because there will be more- will on Wednesday when the president, at the gates of thirteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 11- S, inform their citizens of the United States is still at war against terrorism, whatever its name, face, or tactics.

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