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Obama will intensify offensive to defeat militants in Iraq

USA president Barack Obama

One day before they have completed 13 years since Al Qaeda attacked Twin towers, Barack Obama will address the nation to unveil what his plans to combat the renowned Islamic state in the Middle East. On Wednesday, the president of the United States after a summer of criticism for his supposed paralysis -motivadas partly hers […]

Growing pressure on Obama to expand campaign against EI

USA president Barack Obama

With an American citizen beheaded at the hands of the Islamic State, and members of both parties claimed that the president extend the military campaign against the Caliphate of terror. The slaughter a second has not only increased the pressure to the point that Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, announced on Wednesday his decision to present […]

USA and UK will not be intimidated by murderers

david cameron and barack obama

The American president, Barack Obama, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, insisting on the unity of the two powers to tackle violence of the Islamic State (EI). ” If the terrorists think they will stay weak to his threats, they are wrong,” the two leaders have said in a joint article published Thursday in the […]

Obama seeks allies against jihadists of Islamic State

USA president Barack Obama

President Barack Obama seeks allies to fight the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) in Syria and Iraq. Obama refuses to embark his country in another war against terrorism or further unilateral adventures in the Middle East. The belief is that the White House will only achieve contain bombing jihadists, but require a coalition to […]

Barack Obama meets once again with war in Iraq

USA president Barack Obama

President Barack Obama wanted to shift the focus of foreign policy and security of the United States to Asia. His goal when he arrived at the White House in 2009, was to end the wars he inherited from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and close the chapter on a decade in which the war on […]

US Congress to sue Obama for abuse of power

USA president Barack Obama

The U.S. Congress, paralyzed from the GOP victory in the legislative elections in 2010, fell Wednesday to a new level of tension and polarization. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives voted to report president Barack Obama to the US JusticeĀ  department, for abusing his presidential authority in implementing health care reform, one of […]

U.S. and EU toughen sanctions on Russia


West shows his teeth. The EU agreed yesterday to toughen sanctions against Moscow for his role in the conflict in Ukraine, with strong action on the financial sector, energy and military. There was nothing like it since the end of the Cold War: to punch in the European table, which is after the downing of […]

Obama meets with Central American leaders on immigration crisis

obama and central american leaders meet on immigration crisis

President Barack Obama has called on Friday to colleagues of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in the Oval Office to talk face to face the crisis created by the tens of thousands of children who in recent months have arrived, alone, to U.S. border. Obama has also involved in the search for solution to Mexico, […]

Obama in Indonesia

obama in indonesia

The winner of the Indonesian elections, Joko Widodo, Jokowi, has been dubbed the Barack Obama of Indonesia. The two spent their childhood in financial difficulties, the two got their start in politics working with communities and both based their campaign on a premise of change, to break with the past and the traditional policy of […]

Security Council demands access to MH17 wreckage


United States, Europe and Australia pulled on Monday Russia’s support for an international investigation of the carsh last week, a Malaysia Airlines jetliner flying over eastern Ukraine. Hours after President Barack Obama denounced responsibility for his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the obstructionism of the investigation, the Security Council of the UN unanimously adopted a […]

U.S. offers to mediate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Obama and Natenyahu

On the fourth day of Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, offered Thursday to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. mediation to achieve a truce between Israel and Hamas. In a telephone conversation, Obama told Netanyahu that Washington “is prepared to facilitate a ceasefire, including a return to the ceasefire […]

US agent arrest reveals gap between Obama and secret service

USA president Barack Obama

The arrest of at least one American agent infiltrated the secret services in Germany, one of the closest allies of the United States, hinders the relationship between the two countries and reveals ignorance, by President Barack Obama, the actions of their own spies. When Obama spoke by telephone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday […]


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