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Being Youngest State Guest at Baku Forum

From 31st October to 1st November 2013, 794 participants including 7 former Presidents, 13 Nobel Prize laureates, 7 Emeritus Professors, 107 world-famous public and prominent political figures were gathered together at one venue for the 3rd Baku International Humanitarian Forum. Fortunately, I was selected as participant of the conference this year, and fate worked out […]

NED Students Organize ROBO-SENTEC 2013

(Karachi) – Under the umbrella of SENTEC, NED University organized mega event with a unique theme “ALL PAKISTAN ROBOT DESIGN COMPETITION, PROJECT EXHIBITION, QUIZ COMPETITION & GAMING COMPETITION”. The event was attended by Professors, Officials and students from all Engineering Universities and Engineering Institutes of Pakistan that were cordially invited to participate actively and prove […]

‘Azerbaijan-Pakistan Youth Society’ Launched

Institute of Peace and Diplomacy (IPD) on Monday launched project entitled “Azerbaijan-Pakistan Youth Society” wherein universities and academic institutions of both countries would simultaneously create these youth forums in order to raise awareness and general understanding of each other.    As Azerbaijan-Pakistan relationship completes 20 years of cooperation, creation of Azerbaijan-Pakistan, this Youth Society is […]

What Does Historical UN Vote on Palestine Means?

On 30th November 2012, in a historic session of the United Nations held at New York, the General Assembly exactly after 65 years of passing the Partition Plan for Palestine recognized Palestine within the 1967 borders as a non-member state. This was made possible when 138 member states of the United Nations voted in favor […]

Innocence of Muslims Misconstrued

Though watching the movie trailer ‘Innocence of Muslims’ for only 5 minutes was so disturbing that I simply think it’s sheer mistake watching production of a sick mind. From just a few glimpses of the clips from the movie, I got the reason why the agitation on the movie is so harsh. What America, Israel […]

Curse of Child Labour

As the world in 21st century celebrates Labour Day today, the question that clings into my mind is whether the development, progress and modernity we have achieved is of any benefit when the majority minds are still unknowing? With bundles of tools of awareness present at easy hand, we find ignorant people in every part […]

Buried National Interests and their Grave on Trial

With only 15 seconds of punishment, the PM Contempt Case under consideration from last 150 days has not ended. The vague decision announced by Supreme Court of Pakistan has many loopholes which are not understood by common man of Pakistan for the betterment of whom it’s contended that this decision is taken. Though the democracy […]

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