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Justin Bieber cast as a player in NBA 2k13

The marketing strategies to promote videogames are diverse: from promotional activities that include cosplays of characters until the introduction of brands and personalities to virtual editions thereof. This is the step taken by NBA 2k13 . 2K Sports has introduced the popular singer Justin Bieber as a playable character in the game of basketball. The news was released via the Twitter account of the musical phenomenon, […]

League of Legends incorporates an honor system

League of Legends, the MOBA Riot Games, incorporates an honor system for player profiles in order to promote good behavior in the gaming community and extended this successful online game. Now, players can offer their opinions on other users, voting positively or negatively depending on the attitude of those in the items and focusing on grades as “Honorable Opponent”, “friendly” or “Teamwork”. […]

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes to be sold on PC

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next installment in the Metal Gear series  is aimed at this generation of systems, and can also end coming on the PC, as it appeared on the popular lists of online store Zavvi . Officially, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is only confirmed for the current generation consoles, although the demo shown was specified weeks […]

PlayStation 3 port of Bayonetta biggest failure, accepts Platinum Games

Platinum Games admitted that the PlayStation 3 port of Bayonetta in 2010 remains its biggest failure to date. The director of the studio Atsushi Inaba spoke candidly about the shortcomings of the game during an interview with EDGE online, not shying away from accepting the fact that the version of the game for Sony’s current-generation […]

Valve denies Nexon takeover rumors

The JoonAng Korean newspaper released a story about a secret meeting in Hawaii between Nexon and Valve which tried selling the latter for $ 893 million. Chet Faliszek of Valve, has denied that this has taken place. “Same thing happened when Tim Cook (Apple) came to see us.” The manager says that there is no treatment and perspective: “Everyone likes to work here, we […]

Solid Snake revealed as the main protagonist in Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima

The man behind the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise has finally revealed a few more details about the film adaptation of the stealth action game. Aware of the fact that the fans are desperate to hear about what the director of the franchise has in store for them, Kojima did not keep them waiting and […]

FIFA 13 sold 353,000 copies in North America on first day

Americans have needed only 24 hours to buy 353,000 copies of the new FIFA 13, which has been released in this territory with sales of more than 42 percent on the results of the previous game. The statistic is also favorable in regard to online games, as the figure has risen to 1.4 million, up 35 percent from the […]

FIFA 13 demo download report

The demo of FIFA 13 over reached the 4.6 million download mark within days of release. With the official launching by the EA Sports nearing, the game is expected to be a hit in stores. Last week, this same figure reached two milliondownloads. Available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the demo allows a first contact with the […]

Steam discount: Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,

The Resident Evil series began it sales on Steam in midweek being discounts centric on  Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the shooter multi-player launched by Slant Six Games and Capcom this year 2012, and Resident Evil 5 . The first purchase for 19.99 euros excluding its downloadable content, which can be purchased in a pack that costs just over 30 euros with a […]

Sony: “Almost all PS Vita users have a PlayStation 3”

In a recent interview conducted by Engadget , John Koller , vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America , commented that almost all users of PS Vita have a PlayStation 3 and Wii U referring to the capabilities of their hardware. ” If you look at Vita users, most have a PlayStation 3. We keep telling our users that the Wii U does something that […]

Early access to FIFA 13 with season pass on PSN and Xbox Live

FIFA 13 hits stores this week on multi platforms, which game lovers can buy through their season pass to access additional discounts and free downloadable content as extras for the Ultimate Team. This season pass costs 2,000 Microsoft Points, which can be bought for 24 Euros, and also allows access in advance to the downloadable version […]

Beta of Medal of Honor: Warfighter to start in early October

Beta of Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set for an early October release according to Electronic Arts, the publisher of  action game for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This testing phase will allow the gamer to select 12 Tier 1 units including British SAS, the German KSK, the Russian Spetsnaz, the Navy UDT SEAL Koreans or Americans. In […]


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