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Kickstarter starts rendering its services to UK developers

After meeting a lot of success in America, Kickstarter has already begun to show-off very positive signs in United Kingdom. The popular crowd-funding website has already gone live in Europe, offering a much-needed solution to a very taxing problem that stands in the way of creative minds from unleashing themselves and reaching their true potential. […]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD DLC gets delayed until December

The fans of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on the game’s first downloadable content (DLC) as Activision revealed that it has been delayed to the first week of December, 2012. Released during Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion earlier this year, the game was originally […]

Confirmation of Kinect-free Halo 4 experience allows fans to relax

Fans of the Halo franchise can breathe a sigh of relief as developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the upcoming title in the series will not offer any support for Kinect. The possibility of finding the motion sensing input device shoe-horned in the gameplay of the sci-fi shooter had a lot of fans worried as […]

Activision needs to inject creativity in its Call of Duty franchise

When Activision first introduced the Call of Duty franchise, the gamers could have hardly asked for anything more. Getting an opportunity to play with guns is something that surely did not want to miss. The game turned out to be exactly what they wanted and offered exactly what they desired. As years went by, the […]

Super Slim PlayStation 3 a wise strategic decision by Sony

The industry analysts are convinced that the next-generation consoles are long overdue and that the extended life cycle of existing hardware is taking its toll on the gaming industry. Sony, however, is not bothered about what the gurus have to say and instead remain committed to the PlayStation 3 console. It is obvious that the […]

No need for a new PlayStation in the market just yet – Part 2

The smartphones are indeed causing a bit of complication for Sony, with many analysts asserting that a new console is becoming a necessity for the gaming giant to survive in the changing environment. However, Sony is convinced that there is absolutely no need to rush its new hardware before it is really due. A senior […]

No need for a new PlayStation in the market just yet – Part 1

The life-cycle of a console is considered to be crucial to its success, a belief that is shared by majority of the analysts in the gaming industry. The uproar over the extended life of Sony’s and Microsoft’s current-generation consoles also acts as an indication of the challenging times that await the two gaming giants because […]

Free-to-play to become common on next-generation consoles, says Ubisoft

Free-to-play is being considered as possibly the most attracted business model in the future by the gaming industry analysts. The publishers are already beginning to adopt the idea and trying to make the most of it, with a handful of companies already becoming familiar with the success that it promises. Despite doing exceptionally well with […]

Players die immediately in capitals of World of Warcraft

Some players have taken advantage this weekend of a bug that allowed one stroke eliminate both players and NPCs in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, the capitals of the two factions in World of Warcraft. The error began to be exploited by some players in major European servers, but according to some players have commented, has spread to […]

Retro City Rampage hits PlayStation Vita this month on

A classic title for fans of retro. Retro City Rampage That is, it will be released on the PlayStation Store to PS Vita this month of October in Europe (no exact date yet). In EE. can buy from October 9 for $ 14.99. The game, which will also be released this month on PC and PS3 (later, […]

Omerta – City of Gangster delayed until early 2013

Omerta – City of Gangsters developed by Haemimont Games, known for the Tropico series, has been delayed its release date in early 2013, when his departure was scheduled for this month of November. A dealership representative, Kalypso, said they hope to start sending the title to stores throughout the month of February, and will both Xbox 360 and PC. The game is somewhat […]

FIFA 13 becomes fastest-selling game of the year

It’s official: FIFA 13 becomes best selling sports game so far in 2012, putting 4.5 million units in just five days since its official launch in stores worldwide, which transforms in the “best-selling video game launch in 2012 and the best selling sports title of all time.” “FIFA 13 is a critical and commercial success unprecedented in […]


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