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Nintendo boss speaks candidly about smartphone games

Nintendo has no plans of turning its focus to the mobile and tablet platform regardless of the surge in the popularity of the latter in recent years. The president of the Japan-based company Satoru Iwata told Wired magazine during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year that he does not view a 99-cent Mario […]

Nintendo of President addresses Wii U TVii service delay

While Nintendo’s first-ever high-definition (HD) console Wii U launched successfully in North America yesterday, some owners were not too over the news of the free video application TVii being delayed until December. The video on demand service for Wii U is being described as a revolutionary step taken by the Japan-based company, as it will […]

PlayStation 3 sales reach 70 million, reveals Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment marked yet another milestone as the sales of its PlayStation 3 console hit 70 million earlier this month. The company revealed in a recent announcement that the number of its current-generation console sales to retailers around the world touched 70 million as of November 4, 2012. This news comes a month after […]

Wii U’s TVii service delayed until December

Wii U’s free video application TVii will be launching sometime in December, confirmed Nintendo earlier this week. The absence of TVii was significantly felt during the launch of Nintendo’s first-ever high-definition (HD) console in North America yesterday, i.e. November 18. During a special Wii U event at Los Angeles in September, the company had revealed […]

EA CEO calls for standardised rating system for video games

The surge in the popularity of games in recent years has made it even harder to ignore the necessity of having a universal game rating system, believes Electronic Arts (EA) CEO and chairman of the US Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) John Riccitiello. Speaking to the guests at an event in Washington DC yesterday, the […]

Seven US Navy SEALs members get disciplined for involvement in Medal of Honor game

Seven members of the US Navy SEALs Team Six are under investigation for revealing secrets while serving as consultants on Electronic Arts (EA) Games’ Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The publisher boasts bringing real-life commanders, both active as well as retired, on-board during the development of their war-oriented games to bring as much realism into the […]

Need for Speed film’s plot and lead characters revealed

The fans of the Need for Speed franchise have been anxiously waiting for details on the film adaptation that was announced earlier this year. A report by Variety turns out to be just what the fans had been waiting for, as it reveals the plot of the film, while also revealing the name of the […]

Capcom plans to expand internal development team by 1000 over next 10 years

Capcom seems to have finally accepted that things are not going too great for it and therefore come up with a new strategy to try improving the quality of its products. The publisher revealed during a question and answer session with the investors a few weeks back that it plans on adding 1000 more jobs […]

Ubisoft talks about impact of next-generation technology on development costs

The discussion about next-generation seems to be everywhere in the gaming industry, with publishers, developers and analysts all carrying their own opinions regarding when, what and how of the high-end consoles. While the performance capabilities of the much-awaited consoles has been the most talked-about factor, the discussion has recently shifted to something that is of […]

Resident Evil 6 successful to some degree, says Capcom

Critics have not been very kind while reviewing Resident Evil 6, highlighting a number of issues that Capcom has allegedly allowed to stay in the game before releasing it to the public. The reception to the sixth title in the once loved and still renowned survival horror third-person shooter had not been generally great, causing […]

Industry shifting away from blockbuster to aaa model, believes Splinter Cell: Blacklist director

Splinter Cell: Blacklist director believes that the gaming industry will be moving away from blockbuster titles to games with more systemic depth in the not-so-distant future. reported that while attending the Gamercamp festival in Toronto, Patrick Redding stated that he sees the era of AAA titles to coming to an end and expects it […]

Console version of DMC: Devil May Cry to run at 30fps

The console version of the highly-anticipated DMC: Devil May Cry will run at 30 frames per second (fps) instead of 60fps that have become a norm in recent years, though the feel would just be the same. The game’s director Hideaki Itsuno conceded during an interview with Eurogamer that keeping various factors in mind, the […]


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