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Free-to-play games doing great, Zynga tarnishing the model’s image, believes SOE president

Reputation of free-to-play games tarnished due to the social game maker’s mishandling of model, believes company’s president John Smedley. Free-to-play gaming has been growing in popular in recent years, with more and more publishers developing interest in the model and reaping the benefits that it offers. During a recent interview with PC Gamer, Sony Online […]

More than 300,000 Wii U units sold during launch weekend in Japan, Mario game remains top-seller

Impressive launch weekend sales for Wii U in Japan. Becomes seventh biggest launch in hardware history for the region. New Super Mario Bros. U remains top-seller. The first-ever high-definition (HD) console from Nintendo hit Japan on Saturday, December 8, after keeping the consumers in the region waiting three weeks more than the North American consumers, […]

Wii Homebrew Channel updated to work on Wii U

Hackers get Wii Homebrew Channel working on Wii U. Exploit could enable the hacking of new console, though still plenty of work to be done to get there. It has not even been a full month since Nintendo launched its first-ever HD console, though it has been out there long enough for the Wii hacking […]

Accessibility a key topic for Dark Souls II, says game director

Making the sequel to the renowned action role-playing open world video game accessible for new-comers a priority for developer. Reputed as one of the most challenging games to have been made for the current-generation consoles in recent years, Dark Souls is extremely unforgiving to players, demanding an ample amount of skills and perseverance off them. […]

Gaming industry undergoing evolution, more unpredictable than ever

Insomniac Games boss believes video game industry has become challenging, while adding that developers have been lucky to work in a stable environment for the past 20 years. Things are changing at a notable pace in the gaming industry, something that has not gone unnoticed by the publishers, developers, analysts and gamers. Whether these changes […]

No online multiplayer in Nintendo Land justified by Nintendo

The company justifies no online support for Nintendo Land, contending that it encourages real-world interaction between players in the same room. Nearly everything that Nintendo has done over the last few months have led to a debate over the correctness of that particular decision. One of the recent reasons for the Japan-based company to find […]

‘Metro: Last Light’ for Wii U dropped due to quality issues

THQ representative concedes work on a Wii U version of Metro: Last Light started, but was cancelled quite early on in development. There are a number of games that are skipping Nintendo’s first-ever HD console, but there has hardly been any game that has received as much spotlight as Metro: Last Light for not being […]

The wait continues for Sony and Microsoft high-end consoles

There have been countless demands by developers, publishers, gamers and analysts for the key industry players, namely Sony and Microsoft, to step into the next-generation space already. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 made their way into the market at the end of 2005 and 2006 respectively and have been there since then, offering gamers […]

Retailers to play significant role in distribution of digital content, says GameStop

America’s renowned video game retailer GameStop is of the opinion that the age of digital content cannot be considered as the beginning of the end of physical stores. Speaking with GameSpot earlier this week, the director of digital content at GameStop Brad Schliesser asserted that the growing trend of digital trend, specifically downloadable content (DLC), […]

Not done with the Mega-man franchise yet, assures Capcom

You do not need to be from the 80s to know or love one of Capcom’s most prolific franchises, Mega-Man. After gracing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for the first time in 1987 and following it up with a series of appearance on its original console, Super NES, PlayStation 1 and 2, as well as […]

Star Citizen funding campaign ends with $6 million

The crowd-funding campaign for the highly-anticipated space simulation Star Citizen wrapped up yesterday, with thrice the amount of original $2 million target being raised in funds. The latest project by industry veteran and creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, Chris Roberts, had opted to fund the space simulation through crowd-funding instead of getting tied to […]

Wii U compulsory 5GB firmware update testing the patience of gamers

Despite Nintendo launching its first high-definition (HD) console Wii U in North American on November 18, the users were unable to play it because of a first day mandatory update that took up to four hours to complete. With Wii U being the first console in the next-generation space and remaining in headlines for the […]


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