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Girl Burned Alive for Rejecting a Marriage Proposal

Girl burned alive

Pakistan has witnessed another brutal killing of a girl in the province of Punjab. The story revealed that she was burned alive by a man who asked her hand in marriage and she decided to reject him. The man doused her in petrol and set her alight, killing her in the process. The country was […]

Pakistan Not Prepared for Refugees

Pakistan is currently in a state of war against Taliban and the people who they are allowing to flee from the Waziristan region are all coming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and sources claim that the country is not prepared to handle the refugee situation. Almost half a million people are fleeing from action that is taking […]

50 Militants Killed in Pakistan

army operation in north waziristan

Pakistani Armed forces are currently in war with the militants who are residing in the North Waziristan Region. The Pakistani government and the militants were about to get involved in peace talks. However, since there are several factions in Tehreek E Taliban, not all of them agreed with what the Pakistani government had to offer. […]

Pakistan Seeks the UN for help

Pakistan recently engaged in a war with the militants who are residing in the North Waziristan region of the country. The death toll is in hundreds, but before every attack, the Pakistan Army asks the people of the area to leave and register with Pakistan. Therefore, there are several people from the North Waziristan region […]

Pakistani Army Donates One Day Salary to NWA IDPs


The Pakistani army is currently at war against the militants who reside in North Waziristan. This had to happen, considering the amount of events which have taken place in the past which led to this decision. Things went out of proportions when the Pakistani government decided to hold peace talks with Tehreek E Taliban. However, […]

Cellular Services to remain Suspended in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi

It was recently revealed that due to security reasons, the cellular services are going to remain closed throughout the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. This has happened upon the arrival of Molana Tahir Ul Qadri, who is the leader of Pakistan Awami League. Several of his workers were injured during the attack which was […]

Drones Return to Pakistan

The horror of drone attacks is now going to strike back to the Pakistani nation after it was reported that two drones targeted areas in North Waziristan. This has happened in the light of the events which have taken place in Karachi recently.   The Karachi airport was under attack as the terrorists penetrated through […]

Cannibal Brothers Given 12 Year Sentence

bhakkar cannibals

It was recently reported from Islamabad that two brothers, who were caught for eating human flesh, have been caught and since the constitution does not have a single law against this crime, they are currently being sentenced to 12 years in prison.   This has been a problem in the Southern Part of Pakistan for […]

Allama Iqbal’s Mausoleum Closed for Citizens due to Security Threats

It was recently reported from Lahore that the 76th death ceremony of the national poet, Allama Iqbal, could not be held due to security threats received by the security forces. Recently there have been several events where the security forces have received confirmed information regarding a certain incident, and a bomb blast has taken place. […]

Hamid Mir Survives Gun Attack

Hamid Mir

It was recently reported from Karachi that unknown gunmen on motorbikes open fired at a famous Pakistani television anchor, Hamid Mir, while he was travelling on a busy road on Saturday.   Hamid Mir, who serves as a host on a popular TV show which gets aired on Geo New Channel, was travelling for work […]

Three Seminary Students Shot Dead in Karachi

It was recently reported from Karachi that three people, who were said to be students of seminary, were at the receiving end of a firing incident, where they were shot dead. The incident took place on Friday at Sakhi Hasa area of the city.   Sources claim that the incident took place right after the […]

Bodies of MQM Workers Recovered in Karachi

MQM PPP Alliance.

It was recently reported from Karachi that the bodies of the MQM workers, who were recently killed, were found recovered from the Korangi region of the city. The bodies have finally been identified and the identities have been fully revealed.   Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s leader, Faisal Sabzwari, came out in the open in order to […]


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