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Transplantation of Fetal Cells Relieves Parkinson’s Symptoms


Transplantation of fetal cells in the brains of people with Parkinson has improved motor symptoms (tremor, rigidity) of 25 volunteers, according to preliminary data from a study conducted by Ole Isacson, McLean Hospital, published in the journal Cell Reports. “Transplants reversed motor disorders of Parkinson’s patients and reached a level where they did not need […]

Measure to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission


Emissions of greenhouse gases are increasing globally at a rate that will cause significant changes in the average temperature of the planet in the coming decades, with a significant impact on the lives of people. Given the global nature of the problem, only global measures could fix it; or at least to alleviate it. Experience […]

Confirmed infection of human coronavirus from camel


He had speculated with goats, sheep, cats and camels among suspected of transmitting respiratory syndrome coronavirus responsible for the Middle East (MERS -CoV). But until now, it had never come to demonstrate contagion from one of these species and a person. For the first time, a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine […]

No alternative to cutting CO2 emmissions


A group of scientists from the U.S. and Canada has assessed five strategies being discussed to combat climate change: reducing CO2 emissions, carbon sequestration by biological means land and ocean CO2 storage in geological repositories and liquefied artificial increase cloud cover of the planet to increase the amount of radiation reflected into space. His conclusion […]

Progress in Prostate Cancer Treatment to Delay Chemotherapy


Researchers have developed a new technique to combat metastatic prostate cancer (which is called castration-resistant), which could delay the start of chemotherapy until more than two years, representing a gain of quality life for these patients. The treatment, which involves using these antineoplastic agents before a drug called enzalutamide (a powerful hormone therapy) may prolong […]

Immunotherapy against cancer expands its scope


Chemotherapy has ceased to be the benchmark in the fight against cancer. The use of antineoplastic to fight cancer cells remains the backbone of the strategy, but other approaches are gaining ground: immunotherapy, personalized medicine and the combination of these drugs with classic agents. The world’s leading researchers are working in three ways. The first […]

HIV has Become Stronger


HIV is stronger and can mutate. This is the main conclusion of the researchers have reached at the AIDS Research Institute IrsiCaixa, driven by Obra Social La Caixa and the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, after associating the most aggressive virus variants with rapid development disease of AIDS. The research results, published […]

Studies Focus on two mutations for Parkinson cure

Parkinsons disease

Genetic studies in Parkinson’s disease performed in Basque and Catalan hospitals are key to the development of neuroprotective or curative therapies for patients worldwide. The foundation is named after the Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox, who collaborates with fellow billionaire Sergey Brin has redoubled its commitment to open investigations in parallel with the Donostia University […]

NASA gives a second life to telescope ‘Kepler’

kepler NASA

Despite having broken an essential device for fine point and bring inoperative year, the Kepler space telescope is still used to make astronomical observations. NASA approved a second Kepler mission, called K2, to continue the search for extrasolar planets that met with great success for four years and also working to extend its scope to […]

Scientists Discover ‘shield’ cells that protect tumors


Immunotherapy against cancer – teach the body’s defense system to attack tumor cells is presented as the new revolution in oncology. But it is not easy. The journal Nature Medicine published an article in which the process is not centered directly fight tumor cells, but in other swarming around and somehow make a shield. The […]

Good cholesterol reduces spread of cancer cells

Cholesterol and cancer

Bad cholesterol is a well-known risk factor for stroke and other vascular diseases. But an international team led by Carlos Enrich, University of Barcelona, pointing it now also as a likely responsible for metastasis, replicas of a tumor in other organs that often kill the cancer patients. In cellular models of human cancer, the scientists […]

Melting of glaciers in West Antarctica is irreversible

Melting of glaciers in West Antarctica

The collapse of the glaciers in the vast region of the West Antarctic ice seems inevitable. Two independent scientific teams but working on the same area¬† come to the same conclusion that the process, which can be accelerated in the future has already begun. The good news, says the Science journal, which disclosed one of […]


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