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Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking dies at 76

There are not many scientists who are known by masses due to the nature of their work, yet Stephen Hawking was a household name throughout the world due to his mental genius and physical disability. Hawking was a British physicist whose entire life was dedicated to studying the universe. According to the details provided, the […]

Boney Kapoor plans to make a documentary on late wife Sridevi

Legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi died suddenly last month, sending shockwaves in the industry and leaving behind many teary eyes. She left behind a loving husband, film producer Boney Kapoor and her two daughter, Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. It has been reported that the family is still in a state of shock, but despite the loss, […]

Indian man badly beats wife for turning off WiFi

The internet has many benefits, but there are many downsides to the technology as well. It has been observed that due to the unlimited connectivity to the cyber-world, couples have been drifting apart. An incident took place in India, in which a husband threw punches at his wife because she had disconnected the internet connection […]

Vienna knife attacks leave four people injured

Two separate knife attacks in Vienna have left four people seriously injured and a state of fear gripped the entire city after the incident. According to the details provided, four people got seriously injured as a result of the attacks which took place in different parts of Vienna, the capital of Austria, on Wednesday evening. […]

Moroccan PhD student takes home Miss Arab Veil award

A Moroccan woman won the title of recently held Miss Arab Veil 2018, making her country proud. The event is an annual beauty contest between hijab-wearing women, which is held in Cairo, Egypt. Nisrine El Kettani, the winner of this year’s contest, is a student of PhD in Civil Engineering and the win added another […]

Turkey termed as ‘triangle of evil’ by Saudi prince

The recently ascended to power, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, shared some hard words against Turkey in a recent interview to an Egyptian newspaper. Prince Salman described Turkey as part of a ‘triangle of evil’ along with Iran and hardline extremist groups according to a report published on Wednesday by Egypt’s Al Shorouk […]

Indian father chops off son’s hand for watching porn

A conservative Indian-Muslim father chopped off his young son’s hand because he used to watch too much porn on his smartphone. The incident took place in Indian city of Hyderabad on March 5, after which the father turned himself in to authorities. According to reports, the angry father cut-off his son’s right hand and later […]

Dead Indian man ‘comes back to life’ on autopsy table

An Indian man who had been pronounced dead by the doctors, miraculously came back to life when his body was about to be cut open for autopsy. According to reports, Himanshu Bharadwaj had met a road accident due to which he received severe injuries and was admitted to a nearby hospital. At the local hospital, […]

SC to Shahid Masood: ‘Time for apology has ended’

The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday has rejected senior anchorperson Dr. Shahid Masood’s apology regarding the Zainab murder case, saying that, ‘the time for apology has ended’. Masood has given his apology to the court for not proving his claims against Zainab’s murder being involved in an international child pornography ring. However, even after receiving […]

Actor Irrfan Khan suffering from rare disease

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is apparently suffering from a rare disease and this news has really made his fans worried. According to reports, the actor was initially thought to have been suffering from jaundice, but it seems that the problem stems from some other area. Last month, film-maker Vishal Bhardwaj had announced that he was […]

Seminary in Bangladesh makes a bonfire out of students’ mobile phones

A madrassa in Bangladesh revealed on Tuesday that it had confiscated hundreds of mobile phones belonging to students and set them on fire, making a huge bonfire. The decision to burn the phones was taken in light of the fact that the devices were distracting students from concentrating on their studies. It was revealed that […]

Sunny Leone is a proud new mother of twin boys!

Bollywood actor Sunny Leone gave a surprise to all her fans when she announced that she and her husband have welcomed twin boys to their family. Sunny is married to husband Daniel Weber, and the couple already have a daughter, Nisha, whom they adopted in 2017. Sunny announced the happy news on her Twitter and […]


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