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Bangladeshi author attacked by religious fanatic for being ‘enemy of Islam’

A noted Bangladeshi author was attacked during his seminar by a man who termed the secular writer as an ‘enemy of Islam’. The attack took place on Saturday in the northern city of Sylhet, where Zafar Iqbal had gone to deliver a talk. While he was there, a 21-year-old man, identified as Faizul Hasan, stabbed […]

Ram Gopal Verma reveals Sridevi was a ‘very unhappy woman’

Film producer Ram Gopal Verma recently penned down an open letter in which he shed light on Sridevi’s unhappy life. The letter’s contents shocked many as the film-maker revealed some details which were not known to the public. Verma had known Sridevi for years and he had even directed some of her biggest hits including; […]

KFC chicken shortage turns into an emergency in Britain as panicked customers call police

Fast food chain KFC is facing a massive chicken shortage forcing either reduced menu options or closure of several restaurants across Britain. The issue has risen due to some logistical complication with its vendor. According to the latest report, a man called police in Manchester after finding out that a local KFC branch closed to […]

Pakistani worker kills supervisor over sexual abuse in Dubai

A Pakistani worker has been charged with murdering his supervisor in Dubai after he stabbed him for sexually harassing him. According to the details provided, the 22-year-old convict belonged from Pakistan but he had been working in Dubai for the past few years. After his arrest, he told the police that his boss had been […]

Boney Kapoor pens heartfelt goodbye note to wife Sri Devi

The entertainment industry went through a shock after news of Sri Devi’s untimely demise hit the waves last week. One of the first female Bollywood superstar passed away after accidental drowning in her hotel’s bathtub in Dubai. On Wednesday, Sri Devi’s husband, Boney Kapoor, released a heartfelt letter in which he bid farewell to his […]

Indian bride calls off wedding at last moment due to groom being bald

People have called-off their weddings at the very last moments due to various strange reasons. However, what tops the list this month is an incident in which an Indian bride refused to marry her groom because he was bald. According to the details provided, the groom, identified as Dr Ravi Kumar, was a neurologist at […]

Trump lambasts Oprah on Twitter over ‘60 Minutes’ episode

US President Donald Trump is not one to hold back his emotions and he frequently lets the world know his piece of mind through Twitter posts. This time around, the person who became a victim of his Twitter attacks is media mogul Oprah Winfrey. On Sunday, President Trump blasted at Oprah on Twitter over a […]

Persistent farting by passenger forces Transavia Airlines flight to make emergency landing

It is not uncommon for airlines to make emergency landing following actual emergencies, however, a very bizarre incident forced a Transavia Airlines flight to make an emergency landing when a passenger refused to stop farting. The persistent farting by the passenger caused unrest among the people who were sitting around him, causing the entire crew […]

Indian man injected with acid in eyes for eloping with boss’s wife

A one-of-its-kind and brutal punishment was given out to a man in India who had run away and married his boss’s wife. An outraged mob assaulted the man and blinded him by injecting acid in his eyes. According to the details provided, the man used to work as a tractor driver in Bihar’s Teghra District. […]

Florida school shooter leaves 17 people dead

A 19-year-old shooter opened fire at a school in Florida, leaving 17 people dead. The suspect has been identified as Nikolas Cruz, who was a former student at the same school where he opened fire. According to the details provided, Cruz arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School though an Uber at 2:19 pm on […]

Indian farmer uses Sunny Leone’s poster to distract people from abundant crop

A farmer in India’s Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh got creative when trying to protect his crops from evil eye. He used Indian actress, Sunny Leone’s poster to distract people from viewing his abundant crop and in the process, ward-off evil eye. According to 45-year-old Chenchu Reddy of Banda Kindi Palle village, he used a […]

Jennifer Anniston, Justin Theroux call it quits after two years of marriage

Hollywood actors Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux have decided to part their ways after just two years of being married. The news came from the horse’s mouth itself on Thursday, as they jointly released a statement sharing this news of separation. “In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our […]


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