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Obama will intensify offensive to defeat militants in Iraq

USA president Barack Obama

One day before they have completed 13 years since Al Qaeda attacked Twin towers, Barack Obama will address the nation to unveil what his plans to combat the renowned Islamic state in the Middle East. On Wednesday, the president of the United States after a summer of criticism for his supposed paralysis -motivadas partly hers […]

Iran’s supreme leader supported US coalition against EI

USA and Iran

Iran ‘s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has authorized the United States cooperate in the fight against Islamic State (EI) in northern Iraq, according to sources in Tehran by the BBC. This coalition, according to discussions at the NATO summit held in Wales these days would consist of a dozen countries, with a red line […]

Growing pressure on Obama to expand campaign against EI

USA president Barack Obama

With an American citizen beheaded at the hands of the Islamic State, and members of both parties claimed that the president extend the military campaign against the Caliphate of terror. The slaughter a second has not only increased the pressure to the point that Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, announced on Wednesday his decision to present […]

Obama seeks allies against jihadists of Islamic State

USA president Barack Obama

President Barack Obama seeks allies to fight the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) in Syria and Iraq. Obama refuses to embark his country in another war against terrorism or further unilateral adventures in the Middle East. The belief is that the White House will only achieve contain bombing jihadists, but require a coalition to […]

Jihadist US citizen killed in Syria

Douglas McAuthur McCain

The White House has confirmed that an American citizen was killed last weekend in Syria, where he allegedly traveled with the intention of fighting for the extremist group Islamic State (EI). “We knew the presence of the American citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain in Syria and we can confirm his death,” the spokesman of the National […]

Journalist Curtis returns to the USA after two years captivity in Syria

Peter Theo Curtis

The American journalist Peter Theo Curtis returned home on Tuesday night after two years of captivity in Syria at the hands of a militia linked to Al Qaeda, and after his release became known last Sunday, his family said in statement picked up by local media. Curtis, 45, flew from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Newark […]

9 year old girl accidently kills her shooting instructor in Arizona

9 year old girl accidentally kills her shooting instructor in Arizona

A nine year old girl has accidentally killed his shooting instructor, while this would explain how to use an automatic weapon in Arizona (USA). After the first shot in the shooting area, the less lost control of the Uzi, a popular model of Israeli-made submachine gun, and one of the bullets hit the head of […]

Obama orders review of military weapons supply to police hands

military supplies to police

The images of local agents in camouflage uniforms and police pointing assault rifles at protesters as they were repeated during the recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, may have their days numbered. President Barack Obama has ordered a review of the programs from the nineties allow local police forces and state military equipment be made to […]

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake shakes northern California


Every alarm throughout the city of San Francisco (California) on Tuesday at noon said the possibility of an earthquake and tsunami. Distributed at every corner speakers prove that the system works in case you need to alert the city. It did not sounded anything to feel the ground, houses and objects moved from side to […]

Two Americans repatriated from Liberia survived Ebola

Brantly Ebola virus

“Today is a miracle.” Kent summed up in these words Brantly survive the Ebola virus. 33 The doctor and nurse Nancy Writebol, 59, the first two people who have been treated for the infection in American territory, have received at discharge. “I’m lucky to be alive and to have been able to meet with my […]

Barack Obama meets once again with war in Iraq

USA president Barack Obama

President Barack Obama wanted to shift the focus of foreign policy and security of the United States to Asia. His goal when he arrived at the White House in 2009, was to end the wars he inherited from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and close the chapter on a decade in which the war on […]

World is watching closely Ferguson protests


Protests in Ferguson (Missouri) congregate during the day to a few thousand people in a segment less than a mile on a street in a small town in the Midwest United States. At night police incidents recur. With hundreds of journalists and activists -journalists and activists observing filming, write and tweet the-minute effects are global. […]


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