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Kaleemullah’s hat-trick sinks HBL

The Pakistan U-22 Captain was able to net thrice and comfortably saw off the Karachi-based giants in a 4-0 scoreline. Kaleemullah was in inspired form and managed to dazzle the opposing defence with a sensational outing. The striker netted his first goal of the match on 18 minutes, but after being allowed space, doubled the […]

T-Mobile – MetroPCS deal finalizes, Deutsche Telekom takes majority stake in the fusion

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS have struck a deal on a merger under the supervision of T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom. The European telecommunications giant will own majority of the stake in the merged business. The deal was announced on Tuesday. Deutsche Telekom will grab 74 percent stake in the merger while MetroPCS Communications owners will […]

PIA and HBL draw blank

The Pakistan Premier League giants were unable to break the deadlock, as they played out a goalless game in the country’s top flight yesterday. PIA remaining in seventh place, while HBL are placed 12th after both of them failed to score despite the considerable chances that came their way. Both the Karachi-based outfits have finished […]

Western European mobile service providers cut spending for fiscal Q2

Western Europe’s wireless and mobile services providers have cut their quarterly spending for second fiscal quarter by 19 percent. The cut back in overall spending comes after the lacklustre performance in mobile telecommunications business in the continent. The aggravated Euro zone economy and debt crisis has affected the telecom business deeper than anyone expected. Mobile […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 1

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is out for the same prime as the original Kindle Fire. At $199 the new tablet offers a faster processor, updated operating system and denser display with HD resolution. Alongside the launch of the 7 incher, Amazon also introduced the premium versions, 8.9-inch Fires, of the tablets. The 8.9-inch […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 2

The brief hands-on experience by a number of experts suggests that the device was quite satisfying but still there are certain performance quirks that might had been improved. A full-fledged review is only possible at the time of its release to the stores on November 20. Amazon is good at slating release dates on its […]

Navy annihilate Baloch FC 4-0

The Seamen were able to thrash the Nushki giants with Asif Bukhsh scoring twice to send out an emphatic message to the rest of the League, while Muslim FC continued their good form with a 1-0 triumph over HBL. Muslim FC haven’t been able to play their home games in Quetta due to the security […]

Apple shares cross 700 dollar mark on the release of iPhone in stores

Apple is running a hot streak. First the court case win on the legal grounds and now customer confidence win the market. The company set a new trend of all-time highs five days running and after a break of one day it hit another record high in the stock market. The shares were at $700.07 […]

Apple shares hit another all-time high after exceeding iPhone 5 demand

Apple shares were up one percent at the midday trading on Monday to $698. Since the release of the verdict from nine-member jury in California on the patent infringement case against Samsung, AAPL has been in the upward motion. However, the credit in the recent streak of all-time highs in the last three trading days […]

AT&T says iPhone 5 pre-orders are overwhelming, exceed last year’s record orders

AT&T is the first carrier to partner with Apple on iPhones. Since 2007 it has sold millions, if not in billions, handsets to the US population. That is why it has the thickest edge in becoming the top seller of the iPhone 5. In a recent statement, the company said the initial demand of iPhone […]

China Mobile deal is extremely important for Apple thrive in China, say experts

A poll conducted by Chinese web portal suggests that Chinese customers are not so excited about the new iteration of smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 5. A state-run Chinese newspaper Xinhua published the report saying that majority of the people asked about the new iPhone said they are not interested in the handset. “I […]

Apple releases iPhone 5 boasting a bigger screen, supporting 4G LTE – Part 1

Apple finally brought the new iPhone out of the hides at an event in San Francisco, California on September 12. The much rumoured and long-anticipated handset covers almost all the expected upgrades and additions. The new iPhone, though technically is the sixth generation of the device, is officially called the iPhone 5, instead of new […]


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