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The best inexpensive tablets in the market

Amazon introduced the first tablet to the world in 2007 with a slate-like structure. However, in the beginning its sole purpose was to facilitate in reading books and journals. Apple followed the suit in quick succession and rolled out their first colourful tablet in 2010 called the iPad. Now-a-days, tablets are not only the best […]

The best inexpensive tablets as e-Readers

Barnes and Noble introduced their latest edition of Nook series in fall 2011. However, despite being one of the cheapest tablets in the world, it could not cope with the unprecedented success of Kindle Fire. The same is expected to happen with Samsung’s latest release of Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which was released in April, […]

The best inexpensive tablets as media devices – Part 1

  Although the current tablet culture started as an e-reader when Amazon released its first Kindle in 2007, these devices have now become more than that, thanks to Apple’s iPad. The Cupertino-based company released the first iPad in 2010 and in addition to being an e-reader, the slate was a perfect replacement of laptops in […]

The best inexpensive tablets as media devices – Part 2

On the other hand, a Kindle user can stream a video and can also download it on the device for no extra charges. Non-Kindle users have to pay extra to purchase the movies and TV shows on their tablets. Moreover, Prime membership holders all this is for free. Though every Kindle user can rent a […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 1

HTC pulled the curtains on the succession of the Titan line of smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, the new HTC Titan II. This week the company released the Windows Phone-based smartphone. In a nutshell, the phone is a whopper with a larger footprint and a stunning 16-mega pixel camera. Though the Titan II is not the first Windows […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 2

At 5.1 inches tall by 2.8 inches wide by 0.39 inch thick, this handset is just as much of a behemoth. Sculpted in the flat, rectangular slab shape that’s become so common in today’s smartphones, the Titan II is the spitting image of many of HTC’s Android handsets. Tipping the scales at a hefty 6 […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 3

On back of the phone are the ultrahigh-resolution 16-megapixel camera and dual-LED flash array. A small speaker sits here too, plus understated monotone HTC and Windows Phone logos. A small textured back plate covers the SIM card compartment, but sadly there’s no SD card slot for extra storage, and the battery isn’t removable. The Titan […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 4

As with the original Titan, HTC added a few of its own flourishes to the Titan II’s OS. The HTC Hub showcases HTC’s signature clock and weather widget plus featured apps, news, and stock reports, and there are HTC-branded apps like HTC Watch, HTC’s video download and rental service, HTC’s Photo Enhancer, Locations, Notes, and […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 5

Integration with popular social media platforms on the Titan II is just as tight as ever. The phone supports Windows Live, Google Mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and also aggregates them into one convenient People Hub. Contacts and calendar details are seamlessly carried over from these services. I especially like the way the Pictures function […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 6

The handset certainly offers a wealth of features and settings such as smile capture, face detection, manual ISO, burst mode, and panorama, plus a heap of special scene modes. The snapper is quick as well. It takes less than a second to recognize a face and just much time to take back-to-back shots. On the […]

HTC Titan II (2012): First Review – Part 7

However, in the daylight the Titan II’s camera packs a powerful punch against all its competitors, be it from Apple or Google. The camera takes detailed pictures in the sunlight without overdoing the brightness. The focus on smaller aspects and far away objects is precise. It takes no time to take them in details. Though […]

How to boost the PC performance by cleaning up and tuning the hardware and software? – Part 1

Ever wondered why your laptop or desktop is performing less than when you purchased it? There a number of complaints that we tech geeks receive everyday from our friends, not so tech geek, that there computers are stuck or are taking forever to run a program or never reboot in a single day. Buying a […]


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