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Google set to launch nexus 7

Google are eyeing up to launch the new version of its tablet Nexus 7 in July, according to various sources. The tablet could be presented one month earlier in the Computer trade show in Taipei. The giant software company, willing to lead the industry in hardware with their phones and tablets, have made up their minds after selling eight million of […]

Amazon breaks sale record

Amazon received more orders in the year, when customers worldwide purchased more than 26.5 million products, setting a new record of 306 products per second, reported the company. The Kindle family has been well received among customers of Amazon over the Christmas period, with the Kindle Fire HD device sold by the retailer more worldwide […]

Bezos satisfied with Amazon sales in 2012

Amazon continues with their very own policy ‘to increase sales at the expense of profit’. Last year their turnover grew 27% to over 61,000 million (45,000 million Euros), but suffered a loss of 39 million dollars (29 million Euros), whereas a year ago was $ 631 million (€ 466 million) profit. In their defence, it should […]

Amazon enters musical war with Apple

Amazon has continued market expansion after entering the world of iTunes. The company has opened music store and are offering iOS users with a chance to directly download the iTunes by using safari browser. Their catalog reportedly consists of an install 22 million songs, making it a serious alternative to iTunes and their latest venture could lead to […]

Amazon has best season ever

Amazon has signed the best holiday season according to the survey conducted between the last Thursday in November and on Christmas Day, in their entire history. The online store, which recorded more satisfied customers as compared to their worthy competitors, has sold 26.5 million products at the rate of 305 per second. The device has […]

Samsung posts record profit after launching tablet and Galaxy range

Samsung tablets have helped the company in recording a massive profit in the third quarter of the year. However, these stats could possibly change with the incursion of mini tablet in the market offered by technology giants, Apple, named iPad Mini. While the Korean company’s last quarter sales soared during the start of the year, Apple lost […]

Apple launches iPad Mini small tablet

In a bid to dominate the fast-growing tablet market, Apple has unveiled its widely-anticipated 7.9in (20.1cm) tablet, the iPad Mini, a new tablet half the size of its existing iPad. The device, which is 7.2mm (0.3in) thick and weighs 0.68lbs (0.3kg), was announced at an event in California. The entry wi-fi-only model, with 16GB storage, […]

Amazon launches kindle in Europe

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite 3G are now available in 129 Euros and 189 Euros respectively. The 3G version will be released on November 22, and the one with wifi will hit the shelves later this year. The Paperwhite Kindle, introduced in the U.S. in early September, features a 7.5-inch backlit display with 62% more pixels and […]

Amazon launches new music service

Amazon opens music store in Spain. The company that started their existence in the United States, where Apple even made ??an attempt at denouncing him, has now announced the opening of its download site and, more importantly, its Cloud Player storage site. Unlike the original Apple’s iTunes, Amazon’s service has been born for the cloud, meaning […]

Amazon increases its cloud market by launching Cloud Drive in Italy and Spain

Amazon launches yet another service to its international customers. The vital thing left in its ecosystem—for consumers outside the US—was its own cloud service and now it is up and running. Cloud Drive has only been launched in a select-few countries but the expansion is expected soon. Quickly following the Cloud Drive’s launch in Britain, […]

Amazon options movie rights to SEED author Ania Ahlborn

Amazon has offered option of movie rights to Ania Ahlborn, the author of horror/suspense ‘SEED’. Amazon is making headway in bringing up its original content in its ecosystem through its division Amazon Studios. Since the launch of Kindle Fire devices last year, the company has been targeted by experts for the lack of original content. […]

Netflix up on stocks after getting encouraging reviews from analysts

Netflix, the online video service provider was up 8 percent in the stock market after receiving positive analyst reviews. The company has mostly been on a slide down from $300-plus, a year ago, and currently trades at the $61 due to uncertainty in the consumer market. However, some of the analysts have observed some changes […]


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