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Apple expected to release new iPad Mini at the end of October

A new product from Apple is in news again. However, this time its something that will materialize for the first time. The long rumoured Apple iPad Mini is reported to be in mass production in Asia. One of the suppliers spilled the beans on the new product, as reported by Wall Street Journal. The paper […]

Digital music sales increase, break previous records in the midst of third calendar quarter

Music industry has had a boost from digital music sales. Since the advent of infamous iTunes from Apple, the music industry has revived to full strength. This year, digital music sales are expected to break all of the previous records. It is no riddle that digital music has outpaced physical music album sales but the […]

Facebook set to launch Gift service

The Californian company in the U.S. today released a new service of selling gifts through their social network, which is a step forward in the company of Mark Zuckerberg in his attempt to convince Wall Street that they still can attract good investments in near future. “Users can receive Gifts by using our exciting new […]

Equinix plans to become a real estate investment trust (REIT)

Equinix announced that by 2015 it plans to become an real estate investment trust, or REIT. The company provides square foot areas  to large corporate entities for data centres used in cloud computing. Its shares soared 7.5 percent on Thursday to near the all-time high after the news. The company has been in the fast […]

The real target is Kindle-based content not Kindle, says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says its primary target is to sell tablet content not tablets themselves. The company is not seeing much profitability in the Kindle line of tablets, be it e-readers or the full-blown slate computers. The main purpose of the largest e-retailer in the world is to sell books, movies and television shows, especially the ones […]

The people of Suhar – Part 3

The process of reducing Suhar heads involved in a first instance, to separate the head from the body and perform a cut in a "V" on the back of the skull. This cut, highly specialized, allowed to remove all facial skin and literally skinning the head.  It was important to be fast so that the spirit […]

The people of Suhar – Part 2

In battle, the warriors of the tribe took away the enemy’s head and then reduced to the spirit of the latter could not come back and take revenge on the person responsible for his death.But then, for religious purposes, members reduced Suhar head of the wisest of the group in order to keep their knowledge […]

Amazon releases first digital comic book Blackburn Burrow

Amazon furthers its entertainment business into yet another dimension. The company released its first digital comic book Blackburn Burrow on Wednesday. The largest e-retailers in the world has been lacking its own digital entertainment content and though it is a little late on its arrival into the entertainment business, it is worth plunging into the […]

The people of Suhar – Part 1

The indigenous people of Suhar is popularly known as the Jivaro and although it is not known how long but until today, the Suhar inhabit an important region of the Amazon. More precisely, on the eastern slopes of the Andes, mainly in Ecuador and Peru. Were designated by the Spanish conquistadors Jíbaros the time of the conquest, however, the real […]

Alibaba claims its transaction volume will beat Amazon and eBay combined this year

Alibaba Group is making a pretty penny and will further its sales volume by the end of this year. These were the remarks from Zeng Ming, Alibaba’s chief strategy officer. Ming went on to say that the company’s value of merchandize will surpass that of Amazon and eBay combined. The company holds a major share […]

Amazon says the opt-out option on advertisements will be offered with Kindle Fire release announced on Sunday that it will offer its customers to opt out of receiving special offers advertisements on their new Kindle Fire HD tablets of $15 extra. The company said in the statement reported by Reuters that it will make the opt-out offer upon the commencement of sales in September of its 7-inch Kindle […]

Amazon integrates Dolby audio product for the first time in a tablet

Tablets have improved substantially in video qualities with HD video support up to 1080p. Cameras have received reinforcements with full HD quality capturing, so has the screen resolution improved with Retina Displays and HD resolutions. What has been ignored is the audio. Dolby took a swing at the audio quality in slates and Amazon Kindle […]


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