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Amazon pulls sales of Kindel Fire

"We want to make money from the people who use our services, the purchasing of our products." Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, to justify the prices of their machines and the business strategy that, was quoted as saying. Amazon pulls prices and its strategy emphasizes that the device is not the end in itself but […]

Amazon releases new Kindle Fire tablets at an event in Santa Monica

The moment finally arrived. Amazon took the wraps off its flagship tablet Kindle Fire but this time there is not one Fire that will rekindle the desire for a smaller tablet but there are three versions. The company announced the devices at an event on Thursday held at an old hanger near the municipal airport […]

New Kindle Fire HD: What is new in Amazon’s flagship tablets? – Part 1

After the torrents of rumours the new Kindle Fire tablets are officially out. Though there were no smartphones at the Thursday event, held by Amazon in Santa Monica, as many had rumoured, the new Kindle Fire HD took centre stage. The new Kindles are way much better than the previous version. But with the overall […]

New Kindle Fire HD: What is new in Amazon’s flagship tablets? – Part 2

The new HD versions have also received a makeover in the shape. One of the comments on the 2011 Fire was the bulky design. The new devices are now slimmer and lighter with a bevelled back like the iPad. It skin is plan and smoother, which is less grippy than original Fire. However, the light […]

Desire2Learn rounds up $80 Million in funding from investors

The main objective of the funding is to reinforce the cloud service for easy access of education material internationally Canadian education reforms-based company Desire2Learn has wound up an $80 Million round of funds for the development of the global education sector. The main goal of the company is to strengthen its cloud-based services to encourage […]

Netflix shares fall 7 percent at midday after Amazon pens down a deal with Epix

Netflix is sinking in day after day as its prime rival nips on its heels with a deal after deal. The shares of the on-demand video streamer were down 7 percent after Amazon inked a deal with Viacom’s cable network Epix. The news came at midday that Amazon has joined hands with Epix on […]

Major tech companies expected to launch mobile devices in September

September and October will be the busiest schedule for both technology companies and press. Major players like Apple, Google, Motorola, Microsoft and Amazon are expected to showcase their products to the public. Samsung, recently humbled by Apple in a legal court case over patent infringements, took the leap ahead of its rivals. The Korean company […]

Kindle-exclusive titles have been downloaded more than 100 million times, Amazon says is making strong and encouraging statements that surely are going to inculcate confidence in investors. The company said Tuesday that its 180,000 books available for Amazon Prime membership have received over a hundred million-plus hits in terms of downloads, borrows and purchases. Though it has been less than a year since the service started […]

Amazon Prime membership increases in profitability, says the company’s biggest weapon is not the huge stock available online, nor is its Kindle device. It is the company’s Amazon Prime membership that spruce up its ecosystem. The company said Monday in a statement that its Prime Free Two-Day shipping is churning more profits than older Free Super Saver Shipping program. Though the company did […]

Amazon inks contract with NBC for expanded video service

Amazon’s received a boost in its share price on Friday after releasing a renewed contract with Comcast’s NBCUniversal. The deal is to expand its video offerings in the Prime Instant Video service. The share price increased almost 2 percent to nearly $246; a tad lower than last year’s all-time high of $246.71. That share price […]

Amazon plans to activate same-day delivery system – Part 1

With a lot of pressure from both sides of the fence, Amazon might start the delivery service prematurely, eBay is already in action in San Francisco area Amazon is starting to become the next Apple both in popularity and profitability. In the recent developments, the largest book selling entity is opening stores in Brazil and […]

Amazon plans to activate same-day delivery system – Part 2

More than a few analysts pointed out that Szkutak’s words amounted to less than a categorical denial. “I think Amazon was just pushing back on speculation that anything was going to happen in the near term,” said S&P Capital IQ equity analyst Michael Souers. Amazon’s fastest shipping option now is two-day delivery for customers who […]


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