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Skarsgard delighted with the success of ‘Avengers’

The actor has expressed his delight on the huge success of the film and is looking forward to working with Marvel in the sequel of ‘Thor’, which will release next year. Skarsgard plays the role of Professor Selvig in the movie which is the same as he played in the movie ‘Thor’. The actor revealed […]

The Avengers breaks all records of opening weekend revenues with gross receipt of $200 Million

Marvel Comics and Walt Disney production, The Avengers, was released on Friday, May 4, 2012. As expected, the movie received staggering reception all over the world. But that is not all for the biggest flick of the year yet. The Avengers broke all previous records of the weekend revenue in the cinema history. From Friday, […]

Robert Downey Jr training intense training routine

Robert Downey Jr training intense training routine Actor Robert Downey Jr will lead the cast of The Avengers , playing none other than Tony Stark (Iron Man) A role for which you he needed an intense physical training and combat. One facet, which developed particularly since the year 2008 with the arrival of his starring […]


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