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James Cameron: Focus solely on ‘Avatar’ series

The director has claimed that he is completely focussing on one project at the time being which is the sequel to much acclaimed, Avatar. He insisted that he has only directed two films in the last 16 years as he wants to give his all to a project and wants it to be perfect in […]

Peter Jackson and James Cameron bring new 48fps camera to motion picture industry – Part 1

Infamous Hollywood director Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings trilogy) has attracted news media recently. His new flick, Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been making waves of late, lately due to the new technology he has introduced in the movie. He, accompanied by James Cameron (Avatar), has introduced a picture camera with the highest frame […]

Peter Jackson and James Cameron bring new 48fps camera to motion picture industry – Part 2

He further went on saying, “That’s a different experience than if you see a fast-cutting montage at a technical presentation.… There can only ever be a real reaction, a truthful reaction, when people actually have a chance to see a complete narrative on a particular film, you settle into it.” To minimize the movie’s risk of […]

Google execs, director Cameron in space venture

(Reuters) – Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and billionaire co-founder Larry Page have teamed up with "Avatar" director James Cameron and other investors to back an ambitious space exploration and natural resources venture, details of which will be unveiled next week. The fledgling company, called Planetary Resources, will be unveiled at a Tuesday news conference […]

‘Avatar 2’ set to release 2015

The sequel to the epic science fiction movie has already commenced filming and will be released in three years time. John Landau, the Producer of the film, revealed that there is no set release date but admitted that a deadline of 2014 may be difficult. He insisted that the makers are in no hurry to […]

Kate Winslet shows up at the premier of Titanic 3D – Celebrity News

Kate Winslet shows up at the premier of Titanic 3D – Celebrity News The hit romantic movie of director James Cameron Titanic, which made shocking waves after its first release in 1997, is set to be come out in 3D on April 4. Prior to the official release of Titanic 3D in cinemas world-wide, the […]

Kate Winslet admits she could have been better in ‘Titanic’

The British actress admitted that she could have done better in the 1997 blockbuster. Winslet was critical of her acting skills after watching the movie in 3D. The blockbuster is being re-released at its 15th anniversary in a 3D version and the stars watched the historical drama at the premier last week. ‘Titanic’ grossed over […]

Most pirated movie in 2011 – AVATAR

Most pirated movie in 2011 – AVATAR The sci-fi film Avatar, director James Cameron, became the most pirated production of all time through the Internet platform BitTorrent, as published by the American magazine Entertainment Weekly. Avatar, who also holds the title of highest grossing film in movie history, was illegally downloaded 21 million times, two […]

James Cameron in Avatar controversy

James Cameron in Avatar controversy James Cameron has turned out a competitor in the lucrative world of Avatar, a former employee who claims that it was him and not the millionaire director of ‘Titanic’ that gestated the idea for Pandora blue dolls. This was reflected by Eric Ryder in a lawsuit against Cameron, alleging that […]

Titanic’s 3D version’s scenes shown at Paramount studios

James Cameron unveiled some of the first scenes from his upcoming 3D version of the history making blockbuster movie as well as the second biggest earner in film history "Titanic,”. A Huge screening of 18 minutes duration of the upcoming film was shown at the Paramount studios by Cameron and producer Jon Landau. “Titanic’s” lead […]


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