Peter Jackson and James Cameron bring new 48fps camera to motion picture industry – Part 1

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Infamous Hollywood director Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings trilogy) has attracted news media recently. His new flick, Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been making waves of late, lately due to the new technology he has introduced in the movie. He, accompanied by James Cameron (Avatar), has introduced a picture camera with the highest frame rate, at an unprecedented 48 frames per second. The duo recently unveiled a selected 10-minute movie clip from Hobbit at CinemaCon Tuesday to showcase the wonders of the equipment.

James Cameron introduced the camera at CinemaCon last year where it created ripples in Hollywood circles. 48 fps is an extremely high rate which creates a real-like layer on the top of a well articulated 3D movie. “If watching a 3D movie is like looking through a window, then [with this] we’ve taken the glass out of the window and we’re staring at reality,” he said.

However, the audience, who were mesmerized by the camera’s montage last year, had some disappointing reviews on the clip. According to Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm, the high and stretched out frame rate is good for a few introductory minutes, but the charisma wears off after sometime. His change of mind from, “The footage shot at 48 frames a second looked incredible,” to “It looked like a made for television BBC movie.… It looked like when you turn your LCD television to the 120 hertz up-conversion setting.… It looked uncompromisingly real—so much so that it looked fake,” was disappointing at the least.

Jackson defensively replied to the opprobrium. ”Nobody is going to stop,” he asserted while talking to the media. “This technology is going to keep evolving. At first it’s unusual because you’ve never seen a movie like this before.… It’s literally a new experience, but you know, that doesn’t last the entire experience of the film; not by any stretch, after 10 minutes or so.”

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