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Curved Televisions to be Dominating Market Soon as Samsung and LG Begin Showdown

Televisions are always a major factor of impressing anyone that comes over to your house and unlike any other product, the bigger is better for consumers nowadays. With LCDs and LEDs now becoming a thing of the past, we can now notice just how fast technology is really advancing.   The new thing, according to […]

IHS iSuppli pries apart iPhone 5 to list the original cost and suppliers

IHS iSuppli performed surgery on the iPhone 5 to take a look at the components, their estimated prices and the name of suppliers. According to the firm, the new iPhone costs Apple $207 for the whole handset. iSuppli was quick at announcing the details of the cost per component and the vendors who provided the […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 1

When you think of a Samsung TV, you first think of an LED TV, right? The Korean company invented the misleading terminology, and has built its reputation on LED televisions over the last few years. But what may come as surprise is that the company’s plasma TVs are actually its strongest products, and have been […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 2

The E450 has only 720p resolution, which actually breaks down to 1,024×768 pixels. This pixel count is common for entry-level plasmas, and naturally the TV has an onboard scaler that processes any input up to 1080p to the screen’s native resolution. The TV, like most plasmas these days, features a 600Hz subframe processor, which is […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 3

That said, the somewhat more expensive U50 was the superior TV here, with amazing shadow detail and almost pure blacks. The Samsung is good at producing deep blacks, but it just so happens that the Panasonic is great. Compared with the others, the E550 was largely similar (although the E450 did get slightly deeper in […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 4

In light of excellent performance elsewhere it’s disppointing to see this TV fall down in terms of picture processing. But what does this mean in the real world? If you watch a lot of Blu-ray movies the TVs inability to provide 1080p/24 cadence means that film buffs might notice judder, especially on pans, but on […]

Sharp announces iPhone 5 LCDs will be ready to ship in August

Sharp has officially announced that it is manufacturing LCD displays for Apple’s newest edition of its flagship smartphone iPhone, widely referred to as iPhone 5. The company further said that it will start shipping the screens in August. According to the press, Sharp made the announcement in a press briefing, presided by President Takashi Okuda. […]

Securifi Almond WiFi Router (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Internet wireless routers are getting stronger and stronger with the time being. The current time is for the dual-band wireless systems and gigabit support, long range and minimal to zero data drop. Securifi’s new router called Almond is one clever move made. By the looks and size of the device, it can easily be called […]

Securifi Almond WiFi Router (2012): Full Review – Part 2

On one side, it has one WAN port and two LAN ports. All of these ports are regular Ethernet (10/100) and not Gigabit. This means you can’t expect a fast wired network out of the router. Under these ports are a recessed reset button and the power connector. On the front the router has a […]

Securifi Almond WiFi Router (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The Web interface also has a Metro-style interface: well organized and self-explanatory, however, it was a little too buggy. For one, it doesn’t work very well with Firefox. That is the main difference, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Certain functions work fine with IE and are not able to load on Firefox. This is a pun […]

In Easy Steps: How to replace the broken iPhone 4/4S screen – Part 1

The omnipresence of Apple products is one thing, being user-friendly, their damages and repairs are another thing. Being in a uni-body design, Apple products are hard to repair from a novice’s angle. However, there are simple ways to mend some of the damages to them. iPhone’s ubiquitous presence in the market also has a drawback, […]

In Easy Steps: How to replace the broken iPhone 4/4S screen – Part 2

Following is the step-by-step process to open, disassemble, reassemble the internal components and replace the front screen. First, make sure you have all the appropriate tools to commence the process. You will need thin metal blades, a plastic spudger or case-opening tool, tweezers, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a tiny flat-head screwdriver and a special pentalobe screwdriver, […]


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