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Curved Televisions to be Dominating Market Soon as Samsung and LG Begin Showdown

Televisions are always a major factor of impressing anyone that comes over to your house and unlike any other product, the bigger is better for consumers nowadays. With LCDs and LEDs now becoming a thing of the past, we can now notice just how fast technology is really advancing.   The new thing, according to […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 1

When you think of a Samsung TV, you first think of an LED TV, right? The Korean company invented the misleading terminology, and has built its reputation on LED televisions over the last few years. But what may come as surprise is that the company’s plasma TVs are actually its strongest products, and have been […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 2

The E450 has only 720p resolution, which actually breaks down to 1,024×768 pixels. This pixel count is common for entry-level plasmas, and naturally the TV has an onboard scaler that processes any input up to 1080p to the screen’s native resolution. The TV, like most plasmas these days, features a 600Hz subframe processor, which is […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 3

That said, the somewhat more expensive U50 was the superior TV here, with amazing shadow detail and almost pure blacks. The Samsung is good at producing deep blacks, but it just so happens that the Panasonic is great. Compared with the others, the E550 was largely similar (although the E450 did get slightly deeper in […]

Samsung PN43E450: Full Review – Part 4

In light of excellent performance elsewhere it’s disppointing to see this TV fall down in terms of picture processing. But what does this mean in the real world? If you watch a lot of Blu-ray movies the TVs inability to provide 1080p/24 cadence means that film buffs might notice judder, especially on pans, but on […]

Panasonic TC-PVT50 (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Panasonic launched a new television, Panasonic TC-PVT50, in two versions, 65 inches and 55 inches. The hardware of both iterations is the same from processors to the chassis, therefore, the working is identical, according to the company. The new model uses the plasma technology to generate a quality picture and as it does not have […]

Panasonic TC-PVT50 (2012): Full Review – Part 2

Three-dimensional content aside, the new VT50 has the best content availability and picture quality with a lot of options to customize. The TV has a thinner bezel and even thinner waist, which makes it a good choice to be mounted on the wall. Design Though not much has changed in the shape of this new […]

Panasonic TC-PVT50 (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The menus have the same yellow-over blue colour combination that was seen in previous models. This no non-sense scheme is efficient as well and the ease-of-use is at its prime. The Viera Market has a wide range of applications both free and priced. However, the user has to have an account to log in to […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 1

LG’s 2012 flagship LED television is, known by the name of LG LM9800 series. It has three denominations in 47 inches, 55 inches and 60 inches. There is an 85-inch model coming later in the year but that is touted a completely different animal. The new television is an upgrade to last year’s LW 9800 […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 2

Features The LM9600 is an extremely thin television with LED sources behind the pixels throughout the screen which should give an extremely bright picture quality, and it does. The problem comes in the blacks. For a deeper, real-like picture, experts emphasis on deeper black, the more black the better. However, even in the presence of […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 3

The 3D vision can be switched on by the dedicated button on the remote. Moreover, there are three more viewing options, THX mode for brighter picture quality in well-lit room, cinema and ISF mode. All these options are flexible with custom settings, however, repeated tests showed that both THX and ISF modes did have much […]

Barnes and Noble launches the new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight – Part 1

Barnes and Noble are taking the tablet competition pretty seriously and the evidence of such approach is the new upgraded Nook Simple Touch GlowLight that was launched this week. The release date however, falls somewhere in May. Pre-orders however, are in progress and the users can book the new Nook to-be-released in May for $139. […]


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