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Intel lowers its third quarter revenue targets after disappointing laptop sales

Intel has lowered its expectations on Q3 revenues after the disappointing sales performance of notebooks. Intel shares were down 1 percent in the pre-market trading after the release of the report. The company lowered the bar 7.3 percent from previously expected $13.8 Billion to $14.8 Billion in sales to $12.9 Billion to $13.5 Billion. “Relative […]

Gaming laptops: What they offer and how they differ from other notebooks?

There have risen a number of gaming laptops in the market of late, especially after the launch of Intel’s new line of processors and NVIDIA’s new iterations of high-end graphics cards. Milking these new technologies in laptops is a great way to offer replacements to desktops. However, with performance comes a compromise on size and […]

Ultrabooks: The concept in its nascent stages is already diminishing – Part 1

It was until Consumer Electronics Show 2012 that the ultrabooks meant a super slim laptop incorporating a feather weight existence, with optical drive and an SSD storage device. However, the event showcased a slew of new laptops that had none of these features and still were marketed as Ultrabooks, example Samsung Series 5 Ultra. This […]

Ultrabooks: The concept in its nascent stages is already diminishing – Part 2

But both Intel and PC makers have released a number of new laptops with the Ultrabook moniker attached to them, that the users have ended up confused which one is an ultrabook and which one is just laptop. After the release of Macbook Air by Apple in 2007, the concept was to introduce Windows-based laptops […]

Ultrabooks: The concept in its nascent stages is already diminishing – Part 3

However, the likes of Series 5 and Envy 14 Spectre have diluted the concept of the moniker with thicker and heavier notebooks. In addition, the optical drives and platter-based hard drives have made the customer more confused than facilitated. Remember the time Intel launched the Centrino series of circuits. Centrino name meant that a laptop […]

The growing need for Tablet Computers

The growing need for Tablet Computers Computers are a daily necessity for almost everyone living in the modern world, which is something that there is nothing to doubt about. As technology continues to rapidly move forward, devices are changing and the things we might be using today become outdated within a year because it is […]


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